Three Tips To Find The Perfect Burger
Expert Advice

Image:, Mark H. Anbinder

When we go away on vacation or visit a new city for work, we often feel the need to get some home comforts. One of the most popular ways to do this is to enjoy a burger. However, with the vast number of options available to customers, finding the perfect burger can often be a challenge. It was best summed up in the How I Met Your Mother episode, where Marshall was trying to rediscover the best burger that he had ever tasted.

In essence, that is the aim for every foodie around the world, they want the best taste experience when it comes to a burger, and despite many restaurants offering just that, very few are able to live up to that description. But, what tips should we follow to increase our chances of finding the perfect burger?

Look On Social Media

All of the most popular restaurants now have a social media presence, and that means the first place that you should look at should be the social media pages. Here, you will be able to get reviews from customers that have eaten there in the past, and you will also get pictures of what the burgers look like.

This will also be the place to check out the menu, which would be important for those that are looking for strict dietary requirements to be met. Examining the social media beforehand is also the best idea, as you can also communicate with the owners of restaurants on the platform, which means you can ask questions to avoid being disappointed further down the line.

Examine Local News

It is also encouraged that those looking to find the best burger in a new city should look at local news websites. Many cities have their own ‘top ten’ burger list, which is the perfect place to get all the information you need from customers that have actually eaten there in the past.

These top tens often rundown some of the most popular options on the menu, while also highlight the establishments that would be perfect for those with strict dietary demands, such as vegans. There is nothing more trusting from a customer’s perspective than adhering to the advice that has been offered by someone that speaks highly about a burger in a specific restaurant.

Look At Reviews

It goes without saying, but all customers should examine reviews before deciding where to go for a meal. Reading reviews is essential background before you do anything, so you shouldn’t just go into the first place that you see that serves burgers.

You should plan ahead and make a list of the top three burger places, then whittle down the available options by comparing the reviews that can be found online. Making sure you read through reviews will avoid the disappointment of getting a bad burger, while also ensuring that you will have excellent service for the meal that you go out for.