Tailgating Safety Tips
Expert Advice

There’s more to tailgating than celebrating and socializing. Here are a few tips for how to stay safe at a tailgating party so that everyone is happy.

Tailgating is a regular pastime for just about every sports enthusiast. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones and meet new people. You get to eat delicious tailgating grill food and support your favorite team at the same time.

However, some tailgaters don’t know the risks of going to a parking lot to have fun. There are plenty of situations where something can go wrong, so it’s good to know a few tips for how to stay safe at a tailgating party. From there, you can have a great time and spend the day hanging out.

Stay Observant of Other Tailgaters

Before even starting your tailgating celebration, keep an eye out for other tailgaters. When you arrive at the stadium, be careful as you navigate your vehicle around the parking lot and through the different parties. They can often overflow into the driving lane and cause traffic hazards while risking safety.

During your stay, keep an eye on friends and family in case anyone drinks a little too much. There are a lot of adverse effects of alcohol while driving, so try to find their designated driver or a ride service to take them home at the end of the event. Also, in case you’ve become inebriated, make sure you have a designated driver as well.

Handle Your Food Safely

One tip for how to stay safe at a tailgating party that many people neglect is food safety. Food safety is vital for keeping your tailgate party fun and energetic. Despite using coolers or portable fridges, people can leave food out on snack tables for long periods. The rule is to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

It’s crucial to cover and appropriately store food once people are finished eating. Monitor your food efficiently, and keep items covered or on ice if possible. If you have raw meat, keep it separate from the other food to prevent contamination.

Keep Everyone Hydrated

Weather can vary, but the blistering sun often leaves tailgaters dehydrated and sunburned. Additionally, tailgaters drinking alcohol may often neglect their water intake, so make sure you have water bottles handy for your friends and loved ones.

The sun is powerful even when it’s overcast or rainy, so seek shelter and shield everyone from the weather ailments. Also, keep sunscreen and long-sleeved clothing nearby in case of excess sun exposure.

Otherwise, enjoy your tailgate with safety and style. Have fun, and chant along with the crowd. Hopefully, your favorite team wins the game, and you all can drive home happy.