Tailgates for Tailgating – Top Picks for 2020
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The tailgate—that flip-down, metal seat on trucks and the namesake of tailgating itself—has evolved into a device these days. Automakers embraced the nation’s tailgating needs and have now packed their tailgates and truck beds with features, technology and comfort that tailgaters will applaud—and want. Here are the top tailgating vehicles for 2020.

RAM 1500

With the RamBox Cargo Management System’s built-in, lockable storage compartments (with drains!) and the exclusive Multi-Function Tailgate that not only flips down, but splits to swing open like two separate doors, the RAM 1500 is built to tailgate. Throw your drinks in the RamBox and use the swing-open tailgate to create the perfect grilling station. Plus with seating for five and up to 2,302 pounds of payload capacity, you can haul the whole crew, a mammoth smoking pit, and all your gear.

GMC Sierra 1500

The team at GMC is justifiably proud of their multifunctional tailgate, which was built with tailgating in mind. While it has six different positions, including one that is perfect for counter-height refreshment service, the MultiPro Audio System by KICKER is where the Sierra really stands out. When the tailgate flips down into the full-width step position, the optional 100-watt integrated audio system automatically kicks on with speakers and control panel facing outward presenting three audio input options: USB port, AUX port (for TVs and microphones), or full Bluetooth streaming.

Honda Ridgeline

The Ridgeline mid-size pickup provides everything you need in a tailgating vehicle, from the dual function tailgate that swings out or flips down, to the in-bed trunk well designed as the perfect cooler for drinks. Add the optional 115V AC power outlet and a six-speaker, truck-bed audio system—that uses actuators to vibrate the cargo box and turn it into a huge speaker—and the only thing you will need is parking space.

Range Rover

If you are looking for a more refined experience at your tailgate, Range Rover offers something called event seating. The $3,315 option includes two leather chairs that attach to the flip-down portion of the tailgate of the Range Rover. The chairs—with built-in footrests—fold out of a soft-lined, protective case which drapes over the tailgate to shield your clothes from dirt, while the overhead tailgate screens you from the elements.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan

If event seating is not fancy enough for you, or you cannot be bothered to set up your own seating, Rolls-Royce offers an elegant solution called the Viewing Suite. At the touch of a button, the two leather chairs and a cocktail table emerge from the rear compartment. Each viewing suite is made to order and covered in leather to match the interior of the luxury SUV.