5 Tailgate Tips for Game Day
Expert Advice

Image: Deposit Photos, sjlocke

Tailgating is a time-honored tradition, but there’s no doubt that it’s come a long way. We now have portable electric generators, high-tech grills and heaters to enhance our tailgating celebrations – it’s not your grandpa’s tailgate anymore! But before we get too carried away, take a look at these simple tailgate tips to make your pregame party a success!

1. Marinate the night before

Have some meat that you plan on throwing on the grill? Avoid a tasteless meal and marinate your meat at least 24 hours before you leave for the parking lot. If you plan on putting them on skewers, do so before you arrive at the stadium to save some time.

2. Label everything

It might sound too simple to make an impact, but labeling everything from your food containers to your coolers can reduce confusion and simplify clean up.

3. Freeze bottles of water

If it’s going to be a hot game day, freeze bottles of water overnight in the fridge for your tailgating event. They’ll melt in the heat while you’re partying, and still be chilly when you need a sip.

4. Decide on a spot marker

Getting lost is easy in a parking lot full of hundreds of people. Decide on a large spot marker to use in your tailgating space before you head out to the stadium. Make sure everyone knows what it is before walking away from your area.

5. Pack the essentials first

Napkins, utensils, and bottle openers are small but essential items that you need while tailgating. Make it a point to pack them first as you prepare your truck or car for the big game.

Just follow these simple tailgate tips and get ready to impress your friends and fellow tailgaters as you throw an epic pregame party in the parking lot!