Tips for Protecting Your RV During Off-Season
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Image: Creative Commons

Traveling to games in an RV is a great way to tailgate in comfort. Take care of your RV during the off-season so you’re ready to go next time your team is playing. Tailgating with an RV has become incredibly popular the last several years, and for a good reason. Traveling to games in an RV means you have your own kitchen, bathroom, and bad weather shelter right beside you while tailgating. Here’s some tips for protecting your RV during off-season so you can spend less time repairing your rig and more time watching your favorite team.

Prepare for Storage

Before you store your RV for winter or any other off-season, you’ll need to thoroughly clean out your RV by wiping down surfaces and vacuuming the floors and upholstery. A stored RV is a luxury vacation home for many pests, so don’t leave behind any crumbs for them to feed on.

Get an Inspection

Regardless of storage season, it’s always a good idea to have a professional look over your rig for cracks in the structure, glass, or seals so you can repair them right away. Cracks can let moisture inside, which creates mold—the number one enemy of RV owners. They can also let in pests, which can be a nuisance to clean out.

Drain the Water System

If you’ll be storing your RV in a cold climate, it’s a good idea to drain the entire water system so that the water in the pipes doesn’t freeze and burst. Once the pipes are empty, fill them with antifreeze to keep them safe during the winter. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can always get a mechanic to do it for you.

Choose a Cover

The last step in protecting your RV during off-season storage is to get a cloth or metal cover to keep things like rain, snow, leaves, pollen, and bird droppings off your rig. Covers also helps to protect the paint from fading in the sunlight. Here are the advantages of the two best types of cover.

Metal RV Cover

A metal RV cover is by far the safest long-term storage option for your RV. Not only can a metal cover keep wind and precipitation from damaging your vehicle, but it can also protect it from things like falling trees and patio furniture shifting during a storm. Custom metal RV covers are easy to design and sometimes come with free installation.

Cloth Cover

While not as sturdy as a metal cover, cloth covers are the next best option because they are specially designed with breathable fabric that keeps away mold. Custom covers are even better because they fit the exact shape and size of your rig. For best results, make sure to get a cover that includes space for the tires.

Follow these steps for protecting your RV during off-season so you can get right to partying the next time your team is playing.