Proper Etiquette Rules While Tailgating
Expert Advice

Tailgating is about sharing the gameday experience and having a good time. However, there are some “rules” to adhere by to make sure everything runs like clockwork. There are also some proper etiquette skills people can overlook when tailgating.   Here’s some tips to follow to make sure no one in your party “fumbles” in the parking lot. 

Do Organize

Make sure you pack the tents and awnings and chairs last, then the tables, then the blankets and finally the goodies towards the front, so the order you take the items out will be in the order you need them. 

Do Bring Enough To Go Around

Good party planners prepare for everything. Don’t bring that bottle of ketchup that has about a teaspoon of product left. 

Don’t Over-Drink

Your college days are in the past- don’t try to relive them at the tailgate. You’re here to support your team, hang out with friends, and eat good food. When you over-drink, you’re ruining the game for yourself and those around you. You want to have this event you’ve planned so hard for as a good memory, not an embarrassment. 

Do clean up

“Leave only footprints, take only memories” is posted at our country’s national parks. You should apply it to tailgating too. Bring lots of trash bags, pick up every speck of litter you’ve left, and don’t forget to look under your vehicle. Completely douse your charcoal with water, and then bag it up and throw it out. Do not dump it on the ground. 

Do Help Out

Remember the golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated. If you see the guy one tailgate over struggling, lend him a hand, or lend him some of your gear. We guarantee you’ll almost always get your reward. 

Don’t Park In Someone Else’s Space

Don’t park your vehicle in a spot someone else has been tailgating in for years. Ask around; don’t forget to talk to the lot attendants. Tailgating is about making friends, not enemies.

Do Welcome Strangers

Your tailgate should have an open door policy. The best tailgates are the ones where the unexpected happens. Who knows, you might even make a lifelong friend. While you’re at it, be on the lookout for friends who have not yet experienced one of your tailgates and ask him along. 

Do Be Creative

You don’t have to be like the guy next to you. Mix it up with different foods (lobster at a tailgate, anyone? How about PB&J for the kids or the kids-at-heart?) See who can come up with the most outlandish team decorations or trick out their vehicles the craziest. 

Do Have Fun

Leave the stress for the workweek. Remember tailgating is about fun. If your blood-pressure skyrockets because of tailgating, you’re taking it way too seriously. Calm down, relax, and remember, the better time you’re having as the host, the better time your friends are having as the guests. We’ll see you at the next game!