Preparing Your Vehicle For Tailgating Season
Expert Advice

If you’re a sports fan, you probably look forward to partying and tailgating with your friends, family, and fellow fans before the game. Tailgating before the big game is the highlight of the season for many. Whether that means playing games, having a drink, or grilling some tasty burgers, tailgating makes everything more exciting. Most tailgate right outside the stadium, while others may celebrate at an off-site location. Either way, your truck is important in the matter. Follow along for some tips for preparing your vehicle for tailgating season.

Clean It Up

There’s nothing worse than showing up to the tailgate with a messy, unappealing truck or car. That said, you should clean it up before heading to the stadium. A clean vehicle can make a splash at a tailgate. If you want to draw people into your area or make new friends, a fresh and cool truck can help you. There are many ways to get a good shine on your car, and this should be the first step in your preparation.

Prep the Trunk or Bed

Because your trunk or bed is probably the target of your tailgating experience, you should give it the attention it deserves. For instance, you can line your truck bed or add rubber mats to your trunk for the best possible experience. This prep doesn’t just protect your vehicle from spills, stains, and other damage. It also makes it more pleasant to work with and look at throughout the day.

Pro Tip: Consider putting a pop-up tent over your truck bed to provide shade or shelter from light rain.

Pack Wisely

It’s no secret that you need a ton of stuff when tailgating, and you must fit it all in your vehicle. You’ll need a grill, cooler, dining ware, cookware, and more, for a smooth experience. Consider packing everything you need into large tote containers and bags to make them much easier to stack in the car. Additionally, you should consider putting folding chairs and blankets in your vehicle if possible.

Put the Coolers in Last

Even though the coolers are arguably the most important part of the tailgate, you should put them in last. However, you must make sure to save room for them. When you arrive at the stadium, the last things you put in will be the first things you unload. You don’t want your food and beverages to be all the way in the back of your trunk or bed.

After learning a few tips for preparing your vehicle for tailgating season, you can be the most successful tailgater in the lot.