Prepare Your Patio Deck for Entertaining
Expert Advice

Nothing beats a backyard patio deck as the perfect outdoor area to entertain guests. However, before you fire up the grill, you might need to do some sprucing up to prepare your outdoor living space for guests. That means carrying out small improvement projects that make hosting an outdoor party or a cozy night at home with loved ones easier and more enjoyable. Here are some ways to prepare your deck for outdoor entertaining before sending out those invitations.

1.      Prepare and Clean Your Deck

The base of your deck, the steps down to the yard, and the wooden railings might have acquired an unpleasant layer of grime during fall and winter, which can affect your deck’s appearance. Pressure wash all the surfaces before the party to have your deck looking clean and fresh. In addition, consider staining and resealing the wood for a new look, especially if it has been years since you built the deck.

2.      Install Lighting

Lights are the easiest way to spruce up any space. Adequate lighting on your deck allows your guests to move around safely at night and helps set the mood for entertainment. Instead of relying on candles or hurriedly strewn holiday lighting, consider installing several strands of string lights or invest in outdoor lighting to illuminate the space. You could even opt for solar-powered stakes to light up pathways or set boundaries.

3.      Make it Cool and Comfy

Shaded areas are essential when hosting outdoor parties, especially during summer. If you don’t have a pergola or awning, invest in several large umbrellas, and place them strategically around the deck. Fill beautiful containers with bug repellents and sunscreen, and add large fans to create a breeze, so your guests stay relaxed and comfortable.

4.      Add Extra Stools and Stackable Chairs

Stools are essential around your deck since they can be used as an extra sitting area or table space, depending on the occasion. If you don’t have adequate space, invest in stackable chairs that you can easily store when the guests are gone. Stackable chairs come in different styles and sizes, and you can even add throw pillows and other accessories that match the theme and aesthetic of the party.

5.      Create a Simple Leisure Space

A well-prepared deck can do more than only offer space for your guests to socialize. Your deck should have a leisure space that can host several laidback guests who need time to relax and have private conversations. The area can typically consist of some chairs, stools, or a couch placed strategically around a cocktail table.

6.      Add Aesthetic Features

Turn your deck into an entertaining space by accessorizing it with a beautiful outdoor rug or ornamental statues. A few hanging baskets with a mixture of annual and perennial flowers can also help spruce up the open sides of deck spaces with lush foliage and blooms. Every feature you choose should fit with the overall aesthetics of your deck while adding practical value to the outdoor space.

Warm weather is rapidly approaching, meaning it’s time to get your deck into summertime shape. Before holding your backyard picnic, prepare your deck by making it functional and inviting. Consider adding these six projects to your to-do list, and your future guests are sure to love and appreciate your efforts.