How to Set Up an Outdoor Watch Party
Expert Advice

An outdoor watch party is an excellent way to gather friends and family. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get loved ones together? From the weather to the food, here are some things you can do to set up an outdoor watch party.

Check the Weather

If you’re lucky, the weather will cooperate for your watch party. If not, there are ways to work with Mother Nature. If the weather is supposed to be chilly, set out some blankets for friends and family to cuddle up under while they watch the game. Building a fire pit is a budget-friendly option to keep guests warm. You can also invest in electric, natural gas or propane patio heaters to keep guests warm and cozy.

Outdoor fans or heaters can extend your entertainment space and allow you to enjoy the outside regardless of the weather. Consider renting a tent or moving the party under a patio or in your garage if rain is in the forecast. Watching a game with the garage door open could be refreshing while you experience a nice spring rain.

Spruce Up the Lawn

Since you’ll be outdoors for your watch party, you’ll want your yard to look nice. Clean up your space and consider adding some outdoor decor. Themes can be a fun way to incorporate decorations into your backyard and get everyone involved. Have everyone dress in their favorite jersey and turn your yard into a mini stadium if you want!

An artificial grass lawn is an excellent way to elevate your outdoor space and spruce up your yard. Synthetic grasses are low-maintenance and create an appealing aesthetic for gatherings and the overall appearance of your yard. You only need a leaf blower to keep it clean and remove debris like dust or pollen.

Create a Menu

The menu for any event is the most exciting part. Watching any sort of sporting event without snacks is an unspoken crime, so invite everyone in attendance to bond over food with your dazzling sports menu. Prepackaged food works great for appetizers — consider getting a vegetable tray and getting creative with displaying the veggies.

You can make burgers with Kentucky bourbon sauce and hickory or mesquite wood chips, or put classic cheeseburgers on the grill for the entree. Pair these summer staples with a peach, tea and bourbon slushie to elevate the dining experience.

Ensure you have adequate food for guests after you get a head count and send invitations early so you can plan for the correct number of guests. Food can get pricey when serving numerous people, so don’t hesitate to enlist help. Consider making it a potluck and asking guests to bring their favorite side dish or dessert that goes with the entree you’re serving.

Choose a Device to Watch On

Watching television outdoors can be tricky if you don’t have TVs on your deck or patio. You can use indoor TVs outside, although it will void your warranty if damage occurs. Get your hands on some mounts or a stand and all-weather cables to ensure safety. Outdoor TVs are available, but they’re much pricier than indoor TVs.

Digital projectors offer large viewing screens, making them perfect for outdoor watch parties. There are affordable projectors for every budget, but consider whether the device has built-in speakers or needs external, which tend to be pricier but project better for larger audiences. Some projectors even come with a matching projection screen and a locking tripod stand, making setup and tear-down seamless.

Hosting a Sports Watch Party

Watching sports is so much more fun with a group. Host a party to bring everyone together and enjoy each other’s company, regardless of what you put on the TV.