Outdoor Entertaining Essentials
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Image: Deposit photos, macniak

The moment is upon us: outdoor entertaining season is in its prime! Due to last year’s stay-at-home mandates, people had no choice but to utilize their patios and decks. Now, a year later, there are less restrictions but even more reasons to come together and enjoy your backyard.

Whether planning for a small backyard BBQ get-together or blowout homegate party, take full advantage of your own outdoor space with entertaining essentials that every host or hostess should have in order to transform any backyard into the place to be this summer.

Unbreakable Glassware

Everyone is familiar with that unmistakable “crash” followed by wandering eyes and silence as the crowd searches for the culprit who dropped their drink. With unbreakable glasses, that won’t be a problem!

This set of six 15 oz. shatterproof, dishwasher-safe glasses are better than expected – coming in beautiful colors and made from strong, clear plastic which is easy to grip. Great for around the patio and for use near the pool, especially if you have kids with slippery fingers. The ultra-durable Tritan acrylic plastic makes these cups much more robust than other materials.

Mobile Bar Cart

Outdoor bar carts can elevate a simple barbecue dinner into a cocktail party! The patio-style version of a classic drinks trolley allows hosts to serve and mix drinks with elegance and flair.

The Greyson Living Alba Acrylic Server Cart is set in contemporary chrome and glass, which will go with just about any outdoor deck décor, meeting the crossroads between fancy and functional. Park it off to the side when not in use, and when you want to bring it closer to your guests, simply wheel it over. Store all your essentials, like an ice bucket, tongs, glasses – and most importantly, the alcohol – on the large glass shelves, in the stemware racks underneath the top shelf, and in the bottle holders at the bottom of the tray.

Outdoor Speaker

Sonos continues to innovate the very concept of sound, and their Sonos Move speaker is just what you need for your backyard bash. Besides, what’s a summer barbecue without your favorite summertime playlist!

The Sonos Move is incredibly durable, making an attractive accessory for outdoors since you won’t have to worry about accidental drops or bumps. It also features an ergonomic handle, making it easy to pick up and carry. The speakers are even weather-proof, able to withstand humidity, rain, UV rays, and extreme heat.

Drink Dispenser

Mason jars have a certain aesthetic these days that makes them a super popular drinkware trend.  As long as you install the spigot correctly, the 1-Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser won’t leak because the hole is completely sealed, thanks to the improved stainless-steel spigot.

The convenient ice cylinder fits directly into the container to keep your drinks cool for hours under the sun without the ice affecting its taste or texture. (Nobody wants their watermelon sangria diluted with a bunch of melted ice!) And with the wide mouth spout that mason jars tend to show off, you can infuse berries and fruits without the struggle of stuffing down orange slices and strawberries into a narrow opening.

String lights

Nothing sets the ambiance for a perfect summer night, complete with smores on the fire pit and a relaxing night cap, than a few sets of string lights.

The LEDPAX 48-foot Outdoor Waterproof LED String Light Set will have you feeling like you’re in a fairy tale, as these Edison bulbs are known for creating a rich, amber glow. Designed for the outdoors, the black 48-ft wire is waterproof so no need to disassemble if a shower is expected to come through. These retro-looking lights are made with a quality that far surpasses most other outdoor lighting fixtures: they are easy to hang and will instantly brighten up your gazebo or patio so that you can continue entertaining even after the sun goes down.