Must Haves For a Functional Backyard
Expert Advice

Many contributing factors can take a backyard from drab to fab. Being outside in the fresh air while being together can offer you more options than you thought you had, especially when keeping your distance from others. Consider these must haves for a functional backyard and find your oasis at home.

Multipurpose Lighting

When choosing the perfect dreamy lighting, you’ll want to get lighting that’s your style and contributes to the esthetics of the overall look you’re going for. In addition to being mood lighting, it should be functional. This way when the sun sets, you can still see the entire yard. Keeping the yard well lit, especially when entertaining, will keep everyone safer.

Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable furniture is a must have. If you can find versatile, visually appealing pieces that can be mixed, matched, and moved around depending on the company, and social distancing guidelines, you’re all set. Choose water-resistant fabric and don’t leave the cushions in the sun unnecessarily to maintain their color longer. (Also take comfort into consideration, of course.)

Play Area

A play area is also a good addition to a functional backyard. A portable gaga ball pit is a fun and convenient area where kids can play while parents get some peace and quiet. The best part about this playground equipment is that it can be used for many different activities, including dodgeball, soccer, basketball, and more

Wireless Speakers

Over the past decade, the development and options for Bluetooth or wireless speakers has skyrocketed. We have options for speakers with bass, waterproof ones, and even speakers that look like other objects such as rocks. It depends how much you want to invest in speakers for your backyard sanctuary. For something reliable that adds to the overall look of the area, consider a speaker that can withstand inclement weather and blend into the rest of the backyard. Although if you and your guests like to move around the yard, it may be better to go with a speaker that can be moved with you easily.

Smokeless Bonfire and Grill

Many people choose to build fire pits in their yards. They’re beautiful and stationary. Although if your guests want to move onto the main patio area, they lose the heat and visual of the fire. Consider a smokeless bonfire and grill since they can be moved, often get hotter than regular fire pits, emit very little smoke, and can be cooked on. Now you and your guests are less limited on where you sit and aren’t being bothered trying to get out of the smoke’s way. Additionally, you can tote it to other people’s houses to create a similar ambience to that of your backyard retreat.

As you decide on the necessary pieces to make your get togethers unforgettable, or to sit quietly with a loved one, think about these must haves for a functional backyard. These are the finishing touches on a perfectly landscaped spot. The more versatile the objects, the more bang for your buck. Additionally, having cutting-edge features few have seen sets you apart in the entertaining game.