5 Tips To Improve the Taste of Your Beer
Expert Advice

Beer naturally has a strong and unique taste, but you can add different ingredients to play with it. Here are five tips to improve the taste of your beer.

Nothing complements a backyard BBQ party, or tailgating at a sports event, better than a cold beer, and there are ways you can make drinking it even more enjoyable. Beer has distinctive characteristics, and brewers keep adding and changing ingredients to create a unique product for beer lovers.

These tips to improve the taste of your beer will give you something to look forward to trying and even impress your guests. The taste that results from the brewing process depends on the brewer, but you can add your own ingredients to alter the flavor.

Add Citrus

Adding lime, lemon, or a slice of orange to your beer will minimize the bitter flavor to create a unique experience that most people enjoy. This technique is ideal for people who enjoy lighter beers, fresh tastes, and fun alternatives. Adding a lime slice also acts as a natural bug repellent, making it an ideal option for tailgating and other outdoor activities.

Frozen Berries

Everyone will want to try this fun way of sprucing up your beer when they see frozen strawberries floating in your glass. Craft and mass-production beer react differently to subtle touches like berries because of hops and other ingredients. Lighter beers absorb the flavor more efficiently, and dark beers expand their effervescence.

Margarita Mix and Salt

Mixing two drinks into one, like light beer with margarita mix, will attack your taste buds in the best way possible. You can find margarita mix at the store or create your own if you like to get creative. Finish your drink with a rim of salt. This combination of flavors minimizes bitterness, replaces tequila with beer, and offers an innovative twist on two traditional drinks.

Drink It From a Glass

Making your beer taste better begins with visual appeal. You can make your beer look more appetizing by pouring it into a glass and seeing the golden or dark colors. Glass will not add any elements to your beer with time like aluminum sometimes does, which could alter consistency and taste. Pouring your beer from a can or a bottle into a glass will reduce carbonation, which will have a lighter effect on your body after drinking it.

Add Apple Juice

This simple way to make your beer taste better will make your day feel like summer, no matter the season, with a fresh taste that adds natural sweetness. Just mix a 1:1 ratio of juice to beer for the best results. Apple juice will reduce gas and tartness from the beer, making it easier to drink and reducing the alcohol percentage.