How To Throw a Fiesta-Themed Party
Expert Advice

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect day for a fiesta-themed party! Once you experience it, you’ll want to make the theme a regular night in your home. Fiestas are all about fun, food, and laughter. Gather your friends and cover the table in tacos, nachos, and margaritas. Here are some ideas on how to throw a fiesta-themed party.


The party can carry on without decorations, but if you want to go all-out, decorating for a fiesta isn’t complicated. Hit the local party store or search online for a colorful tablecloth and serving dishes. Think bright yellow, pink, teal—any color that reminds you of a warm beach in Mexico. Serving trays that look like sombreros or giant plastic margarita glasses are fun and useful when the food comes out.

Use a pinata for a centerpiece. You can even fill it with candy and break it open later if you like.


Get your guests in the mood by playing some Mexican music when they walk in the door. Who doesn’t feel like partying when they hear “La Bamba”?


No party is complete without food, and just about everyone loves Mexican food. Give your guests choices with hard-shell and soft tortilla tacos. Create a nacho station or bar with all the fixings to create your own nachos.

Chips and salsa are a must, and having guacamole and a few other dips to choose from will keep your guests heading back for more.


Okay, we all think of margaritas for a fiesta party, and rightfully so. You’ve got to have margarita mix on hand, along with tequila. If you want to add a wow factor, consider renting a margarita machine.

Tequila is the perfect liquor for a fiesta—and not just in margaritas. Create an area with flights of the many different types of tequila, and make your guests feel like they are on vacation in sunny Mexico.

For non-alcoholic options, a dispenser with lemonade and a cooler full of sodas will do the trick.

Planning how to throw a fiesta-themed party is almost as fun as the actual party. Once you get started, the ideas will start flowing—as will the tequila.