Hosting a Yacht Party in the UAE: Making Waves in Style

Hosting a Yacht Party in the UAE: Making Waves in Style
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It’s time to party in the UAE. What is better than partying on a yacht? Yacht parties are one of the most popular and luxurious events you can take part in Dubai. It’s where you and your friends can feel glamorous, all at great prices. You can easily get a party yacht rental from various services. This is the best way to explore the coast in which the UAE is known for. If you want to take up such an offer, here are some key pointers to read up on.

Rental Services in UAE

Before getting started with the party, you will need a yacht to set sail on. Lucky for you, there are many services found in the UAE that can offer boat trips and boat rentals. You can find different boats for various services depending on what you are looking for. For a yacht party, you will want to have a yacht big enough to host a large number of people. Something that has a large outer deck where you can host most of the activities.  Examples of a few services include:

  • Book Yachts Dubai
  • Renty
  • Dubai Yacht Booking
  • Borrow a Boat
  • Click & Boat
  • Xclusive Yachts

How Long is the Party?

You can determine how long a party is depending on what activities you have planned. If it is just a casual get together, you can rent out the yacht for just a single evening. You can travel far into the water for a nice view and have it parked there for a scenic background. If you have things like jet-skiing or swimming, you may wish to rent for a longer time. Perhaps for an afternoon and the evening combined? This is something to plan beforehand so it can help with the costs too.

Create a Theme

A party can always be fun with a nice theme. Something that can give the party goers a dress code to help them spruce up. The best theme in Dubai is something that follows a colorful backstory. Different coloured flowers are a big part of their culture. It can make your trip across the sea more mesmerizing than just staring into the big blue. A more on-the-nose theme can be something nautical. You can have people dress up as sea captains or crew mates. A pirate party can make it a lot more creative.

Sorting the Guest List

Your next step is figuring out who you wish to invite to the yacht party. Something casual can mean inviting a few friends. You may be able to invite more depending on how big your yacht is. The size of the boat will determine the size of the guest list. If this is more of a business party instead, consider inviting important members of your company. You may even make the invite a reward for all the hard work they have put in. Try not to invite those that may be seasick or have motion sickness. You don’t want anyone throwing up at your party. The rental service wouldn’t appreciate it either.

Food and Catering

There are some yacht rental services that can provide some good food to accompany the party. Some of which are trained caterers who can prepare food on the yacht itself and offer it to guests. If you don’t have such a service, you can always prepare the food yourself. Getting a few party snacks and entrees can be easily purchased. Make sure the yacht has room for both the guests and the food. A lot of the rentals can include a table and bench for people to sit and eat. Just be careful to not spill any of the food and drink into the water. Have the yacht settle into the water before offering refreshments.

Hosting a Yacht Party in the UAE

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Honorable Mentions

We talked about the five major tips when hosting a yacht party. Here are just a few more pieces to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the health and safety are up to par. Most yacht services will have trained professionals handling the boat.
  • Try to host a few party games as well. You can play a few with no pieces needed like Charades or I Spy.
  • Make sure to let the rental service know when you are bringing the yacht back. This will give them time to help you dock the boat once the event has ended.