How to Tame a Holiday Hangover
Expert Advice

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Last night still lingers as a blissful blur of holiday merriment. But this morning, you awake assured that your head has literally split in two. The tiniest sound booms in your eardrums. And the smell of nearly anything sends you on a beeline for the bathroom. At this point in the holiday season, it’s customary to have knocked back one too many, but how can you dim the next morning’s suffering? Unfortunately, no magical pill yet exists for hangover cures. However, there are ways to kick that hangover to the curb and get back to feeling like yourself again as you step into 2023.

Cure #1: Sleep In

Sure, you’ve promised your BFFs you’d run to the mall with them to return those less-than-appealing gifts they received. But right now, the only exchange you need is for more sleep. Extending your sleep by another hour or taking a midday nap gives your body the time it deserves to recuperate and, in turn, help alleviate your hangover symptoms.

Cure #2: Get Fresh Air

After you’ve gotten in some extra shuteye, take a walk around the block. Let the crisp air hit your face and make its way through your lungs. Now is not the time to put that “new year, new me” healthy attitude into gear and go for a jog (there are plenty more days in January for that). Take a light stroll instead. An intense cardio challenge will cause you to sweat, meaning you’ll lose even more precious fluids.

Cure #3: Eat Up

The idea of a large brunch spread with runny eggs and gobs of cheese might amplify the nausea, but if you can handle a few slices of wheat toast and orange juice, go for it. Go heavy on the carbs. Not only will it help balance out your blood sugar levels, but it also soaks up any residual alcohol in your system. Hash browns: approved. Bagels: approved. And say, “Yes!” to coffee, which can help dilute the headache.

Cure #4: Drink, Drink, Drink

This one goes without saying, but still gets ignored. Drink all the water you can. Even if you were on the ball enough to down a bottle before going to bed, it should be the first thing you do when you wake up. Keep H2O handy throughout the day since you are likely dehydrated, especially if you’ve tossed your cookies. Increasing your water intake with even a few sips every 30 minutes can combat the fatigue and dizziness.

Cure #5: Lean on Herbs

Ginger root is a naturopathy approach to tackling your hangover recovery. Doctors and nutritionists confirm that ginger is one of the best natural remedies for soothing an upset stomach. Steep it in hot water for a tea or take a supplement in capsule form. Try combining ginger with brown sugar and tangerine extract to ease more of your hangover symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhea.

Cure #6: Down Some More

In the end, if what your body really needs is another drink, try it. The “hair of the dog” method involves drinking more alcohol to reduce hangover symptoms. But keep in mind, there’s a difference between a hangover drink and simply continuing to drink. Go for a light beer, which has a relatively low ABV per volume. Bloody Mary’s are also popular for their vitamin-rich restorative properties beyond the splash of vodka. What’s the reason a bit more drinking can ease a hungover? Our bodies are essentially in withdrawal, so giving it a low-dose, controlled amount of what it wants can lessen the painful consequences of what had been a glorious bash the night before.