10 Tips for a Fantastic Golf Weekend
Expert Advice

Image: Creative Commons

Golfing weekends are a lot of fun as it provides a chance to wind down and relax while practicing your game with family or friends. And at the end of the day, you can go for a few drinks, enjoy a nice meal, and chill out. If you have a golf weekend planned, here are some great tips to make the most of your time on the links.

Get Your Gear Ready

Packing the right gear is essential for an enjoyable golf weekend. Make sure your clubs are clean and your golf shoes are broken in. Bring plenty of golf balls, tees, ball markers, gloves, towels, sunscreen and other accessories you may need. Check the weather forecast so you can pack suitable golf apparel. Don’t forget your golf bag, and if you’re taking your own golf cart, check whether you need to pick up accessories and parts from Golf Cart Tire Supply.

Book Tee Times in Advance

If you have specific courses in mind, book your tee times well ahead of your trip. Popular courses can book up months in advance, especially on weekends. Look at course websites for availability and reserve your preferred tee times as soon as you can. Getting tee times at your desired time can make for a much more relaxed weekend.

Arrive Early

Leave ample time to get to the golf course each day. You’ll want to arrive early so you can park your vehicle, change shoes, hit the driving range, putt on the practice green and get to the 1st tee box with time to spare before your tee time. Rushing creates unnecessary stress.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and sports drinks throughout your round to stay hydrated. Dehydration can negatively affect your energy levels, focus and golf swing. Have water easily accessible in your golf bag. Drink before you get thirsty. Proper hydration is key to playing your best golf.

Fuel Up

Don’t tee off on an empty stomach. Eat a light meal or snack to give you energy for the round. Good options include oatmeal, bananas, yogurt, granola bars, peanut butter sandwiches or trail mix. Avoid heavy foods that can make you feel weighed down. Bring healthy on-course snacks too.

Take Breaks

Golf requires mental focus and physical endurance. Remember to come off the course and take periodic breaks, especially if you are playing 36 holes in a day. Sit down, hydrate, eat a snack, cool off and stretch your muscles. Breaks help recharge your mind and body.

Play Ready Golf

Keep the pace of play moving by playing “ready golf” and being ready to hit when it’s your turn. Don’t take too much time overanalyzing and lining up every shot. Survey your shot while others are hitting and then swing when ready. Keep things moving efficiently.

Stay Positive

Golf can be frustrating when shots go wrong. When that happens, take a deep breath, and have a positive attitude. Remind yourself that it’s just a game and you’re there to have fun. Leave the bad shots in the past and look ahead. Focus on the shots you can control.

Enjoy Some Après Golf

Part of a great golf weekend is enjoying time off the course too! Have fun gathering with your group for drinks, food and conversation after your rounds. Swap stories from the day and celebrate great shots. Après golf adds to the weekend bonding experience.

Get Plenty of Rest

Late nights out after golfing all day can take their toll fast. Be sure to get enough sleep every night to allow your body to recover. Being well-rested helps you play your best and avoid injuries. Make sleep a priority for peak performance.

Golfing breaks are good for the soul. Book yours today and give yourself something fun to look forward to!