Tips for a Game-Day-Ready Dining Room Setup
Expert Advice

Most of us want to spend game day outside at a tailgate or party. Unfortunately, sometimes the weather has other plans. Don’t let rained-out tailgates and outdoor activities dampen the game day atmosphere, though. You can create a game-day-ready dining room setup to continue your celebrations despite the weather. The following tips can help you create the perfect setup.

Create Food, Beverage, and Supply Zones

While the game is the most important part of the day, food and drinks are second place. Designate the kitchen as the cooking and preparing space and set up food, beverage, and supply zones in your dining room. Ideally, you’ll place these zones on one half of the dining room table so that most of the table is free for eating. Keep an eye on these zones and restock them with snacks, sodas, and napkins whenever needed. That way, guests don’t have to rummage through other areas of your home.

Provide Plenty of Seating

People will mill about during your home tailgate, but that doesn’t mean they should stand the whole time. Sitting down to eat is more comfortable. If you’re furnishing your dining room before the next sports season, make sure to invest in plenty of matching seating. This will give your dining room a comprehensive look when it isn’t full of people on game day and guarantee that all your guests have a good seat during game day events. No uncomfortable folding chairs here!

Decorate Well

You can’t decorate inside your home the same way you would decorate a truck bed or outside event space on game day. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate at all. If other members of the household want you to keep the decorations classy, then consider flowers in your favorite team’s colors and themed supplies, like napkins with your team’s logo. If everyone in the household is excited for game day, then go all out with wall banners and any other decor.

Connect Your Electronics Wisely

The point of game day is watching the game. Most people don’t have TVs in their dining rooms, which can make it difficult to eat and watch the game at the same time. If you can, move your TV to an available wall so that guests can enjoy food and entertainment at the same time. If this won’t work, consider placing a sound system in the corners of your dining room. Although guests can’t watch the game while they eat and drink, they can still listen to what’s going on.

These tips for a game-day-ready dining room setup allow you to enjoy game day inside. While you can host game day in other areas of your home, the dining room is the perfect place.