Fun Activities to Do at a Tailgating Party
Expert Advice

Hosting an at-home tailgating party is a fun, safe alternative to attending games in-person. Wear masks, socially distance, and stay safe — but don’t let the pandemic drain you of your passion for football!

The most anticipated event of any tailgating party is, as you might expect, cheering — or booing — at the big game. You shouldn’t slack on pre-game activities either, though! Ramp up the excitement with these fun activities to do at a tailgating party.

Show Your Team Spirit

You can show off your team spirit by wearing a jersey with your team’s colors, or your favorite player’s numbers, painting your face, or applying temporary tattoos.

Dressing the part isn’t the only way to show off your team spirit, though.

They might not show up on-air, but you can still make signs. Put them in your yard, and let the entire neighborhood know where your loyalty lies! In addition to signs, you can put up other team memorabilia, like flags.

Try coming up with a unique chant, whether it’s for the team or an individual player. It doesn’t have to be for your team-of-choice, either — come up with a chant for their opponents, too. Cheer for your favorite team and discourage the one they’re playing against.

Host a Cook-Off

Challenge your friends to a good-natured cook-off. Pick your food of choice. Who can make the best hamburgers? What about the best chili?

Have each contestant finish their dish, and then serve it up! Label each plate or serving bowl with a number, and have your other guests vote on their favorite. The winner can get bragging rights, their seat of choice, or a small prize, like a gift card or inexpensive merch.

Set up A Food Bar

Another fun activity to do at a tailgating party is set up an impressive, delicious-looking food bar.

Food is a must-have. If you feel like adding some fun to your menu, make the items you serve up customizable. Nachos, hot dogs, chili, and hamburgers are great choices. Put the meat on one plate, the buns to the side, and don’t forget to include a wide variety of toppings!

Guests can add whatever they want to their dish, whether it’s just a squirt of ketchup, mustard, and mayo or an entire, heaping pile of chips.

This is perfect for guests with allergies, food sensitivities, or general pickiness. They can personalize their dish and easily avoid anything that might make them ill or nauseous.

Don’t forget the drinks, either! When it comes to beer, these underrated American classics make for the perfect choice.

Play Some Games

Before the big game, you’ll need some smaller games. These fun tailgating classics are worth giving a shot.

Beer Pong

Who doesn’t love a good, competitive game of beer pong? Fill up those signature red cups, and get ready to chug.

To get the most out of beer pong, you’ll want to pick out a light, but tasty beer. Don’t pick out anything that’s too strong, or you won’t get through very many rounds.

Football Toss

It’s simple, fun and fitting. Grab a football and toss it around with your family and friends.

You don’t have to make impeccable tosses, game-saving tackles, or history-making touchdowns — all you need to do is have fun. If you don’t have a football on hand, throw around something else, like a frisbee or baseball.

Just steer clear from glass. You don’t want to end up with a shattered car window!

Cornhole Toss

You can play a cornhole outside, inside — anywhere, really! Both adults and kids can play this simple, but addicting game.

Don’t want to buy a cornhole board? You can make one yourself with some plywood, nails, and a saw.  All these materials including plywood sheets you can get at Cut My Plastic.  If you’re a sewing expert, feel free to make the beanbags, too.

Otherwise, you can pick up a board and some beanbags in-store or online, and for a relatively cheap price.