Five Best NFL Teams for Tailgating
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Image: Courtesy of Visit KC

The NFL preseason has started and that means that the real action will be just a few weeks away. But we don’t mean regular season football. We mean the tailgate parties that make Sunday the best day of the week.

We will let the football betting sites concentrate on which team will win the Super Bowl. Here we concentrate on where you will have the best time no matter what the final score is. Win, lose or tie, these five NFL locations are the best places to go for the greatest all-round football tailgating experience.

Kansas City Chiefs 

If you are looking for the best tailgating experience in the NFL, then most fans will point you towards Arrowhead Stadium. In fact, they will actually direct you to The Asphalt Jungle, a huge expanse of red that gets the party started hours before the game begins.

We are surprised that any food gets sold at all inside the stadium, as the range of BBQ delights available outside is out of this world. These fans take their tailgating seriously, but they are always happy to embrace newcomers and even fans of other teams. You have not tailgated until you have tailgated with the Chiefs.

Green Bay Packers

Sundays in Green Bay are all about the football – and that means a huge tailgate area just outside Lambeau Field. If Chiefs fans love their BBQ, then Packers devotees delight in their cheese-making skills. Cheese curds have become something of a staple, alongside the bratwursts, of course.

The entire area around the stadium is a tailgate experience to behold. The fans are good-natured and there are plenty of bars in the immediate vicinity as well – just in case you make the mistake of not bringing enough beer. So, if you are heading north, make sure you stop by and make sure to bring your grill.

Buffalo Bills

We like that the Bills are now one of the best teams in the league. Their fans have put up with a lot over the years – including losing four straight Super Bowls. But you wouldn’t know it from the way the fans tailgate before the games. The Bills Mafia may be the extreme experience, but everyone has a good time here.

From local specialties such as the Kummelweck rolls to the classic BBQ grills, Bills fans have poured all that disappointment of the past into ensuring that they have a good time anyway. Expect the tailgate parties to be even more raucous now that the team is winning now.

A good range of tailgate food is a must

A good range of tailgate food is a must

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buffalo and Green Bay might be good – but it does get cold there at times. For guaranteed sunshine with your tailgate experience, you want to go a little further south and soak up the vibes in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium. Whether it is family friendly or hardcore party you are looking for – the RayJay has it all.

Security can sometimes be a little tighter here, but the tailgating begins hours before the game, and everyone is there for a good time. Seafood is a great option and if you really need any more convincing to make the trip to Florida, there is even a gigantic pirate ship!

Houston Texans

Texas is the meat capital of the U.S. – and Texans fans know all about that. You can have your choice of any cut of beef imaginable at a Houston Texans tailgate and enjoy the company of some of the friendliest fans in the league at the same time. Results have not been great in recent years – but the tailgate remains one of the best.

There is no saving of spots at the NRG Stadium, so get there early if you want the best location. But, saying that, any spot is incredible when there is such a bountiful supply of brisket, burgers, ribs and pulled pork. You might even enjoy the football too!