Father’s Day Surf ‘n Turf and Cooler Camping
Expert Advice

Running low on time to get Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Hiking Boots

These boots were made for hiking, and that’s just what they’ll do! Dad will step a little lighter knowing you got him a great pair of quality hiking boots, such as Carhartt’s Lightweight Non-Safety Toe Work Hiker. The leather boots are breathable and wick away sweat, allowing the little piggies to breathe after miles on the trail. They are also waterproof, keeping you dry even if your outdoor explorations end up as a drenched adventure. With a high-tier design, you get maximum arch support for a comfortable stride and a cement-constructed rubber outsole to protect against any electric wires that might be lurking underneath the leaves. Well-deserving of an A+ in appearance, durability, and functionality.

Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley shades infuse research and performance shield lens technology to create perfectly balanced frames, which help sharpen your vision on bright days while eliminating the pressure points that come with ordinary frames. The Radar EV Path builds on the momentum if the original line, blocking 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light in an elegant and fashionable way. On sunny or overcast days, there’s just enough contrast; and fitting snugly around the temples and resting lightly over the bridge of the nose, rest assured these sunglasses won’t slide off the face. Whether dad cycles, plays golf or coaches Little League on the weekends, these sunglasses will be his go-to for all his favorite outdoor activities.

Portable Cooler

A cooler is an absolute necessity for the family trip to the lake, but we all know they can be a bit cumbersome and unwieldy. You’ll love the flexibility and storage of the PFG Big Katuna Rolling Cooler, keeping refreshments cold all day long! The wheels are fantastic compared to similar products – and a nice added feature is that the handle/cart the cooler sits on is detachable. It’s surprising how much you can fit in there too, from sandwiches to bags of pretzels, and juice for the kids. But no need to worry about spillage; the liner is 100% leak proof and has Microban protection against bacterial odors and stains.

Camping Tent

Being out in the wilderness doesn’t have to mean roughing it. The Mineral King 3 Tent will bump up your camping experience tenfold… or should we say tentfold. It’s spacious,  looks good, has multiple pockets and hanging clips for drying out gear or stashing flashlights or cellphones while you sleep. There’s plenty of room for two and three people can fit easily as well; the height and vertical volume make it feel bigger. Mineral King 3 is constructed of high-quality materials that are easily assembled, and the abundance of mesh helps increase airflow! Gaze up at the starry night above, thanks to the adaptable fly that rolls back and secures halfway, so you can take in all of nature’s beauty.

Surf ‘n Turf

Whoever said, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ wasn’t lying! Dad will love the USDA Prime Wet Aged Surf & Turf  from Chicago Steak Company. Choose between two 6oz filet mignons or two 10oz boneless strips, along with two 6oz Cold Water Lobster Tails for the ultimate meal. The thick cuts of steak are deliciously tender, and the sweet, juicy lobster tails are just the perfect size. (While it might seem minor, it is important to note that cold water allows the lobsters to grow slower which makes for tastier, more succulent meat.) If he’s the king of the kitchen and prefers cooking and grilling his own food as opposed to going out, you can’t go wrong with this surf ‘n turf.