Father’s Day Putting Around and Relaxing
Expert Advice

Whether he’s an actual dad or a father-like figure, there’s still time to get him a special something for Father’s Day. Check out these great gifts!

Mountain Bike Crankset

Truly an experience like no other, mountain biking can take your father (or anyone who’s like a father to you) to amazing heights, ride with other cyclists, and renew his vigor in life. If your dad is serious about improving his skills, a durable mountain bike crankset is an essential bike upgrade to give him insights on his rides. The cranksets feature reliable and accurate power measurement, rechargeable li-on battery, and Bluetooth SMART functions. Let your dad enjoy the world and care for his health at the same time.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

One of the best gifts you can give him is peace and quiet. Man cave or no man cave, the Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones allow him some well-deserved relaxation with the ability to turn down the world’s noise. Designed with comfort in mind, these over-the-ear headphones use padded ear cushions and adjustable sliders for prolonged wear (its battery prepared for up to 35 hours of use) – but the retro-looking headset is nothing but old school. Thanks to its noteworthy Dual Noise Sensor Technology, the device automatically senses your environment and drowns out the background city traffic or nearby conversations. Simply connect the wireless headphones to your phone via Bluetooth and listen to your favorite playlists uninterrupted.

Outdoor Reclining Mesh Rocker

A rocker, recliner, or stationary chair, the Reclining Cool Mesh Rocker can be all three in one! The chair positions the body at optimal angles to reduce stress on one’s muscles and joints. The padded headrest is adjustable and supports the neck as the ergonomic armrests elevate the arms and encourages blood flow. Constructed from PVC coated polyester, this mesh recliner keeps the body cool when it’s hot out, unlike many other outdoor chairs which are made of sun-absorbing materials. Great for hanging out by the pool, tailgating, camping and the beach, as it folds down in seconds for easy transport.

Blue-Light Screen Protector

Digital eye strain is no longer a “millennial problem”. Since older generations have increased their screen time too, consider investing in accessories that allow them to continue using their phones and tablets, just in a safer way. Otterbox’s Glass Blue Light Guard Screen Protectors do just the trick. Not only shielding your display from scratches, but it also protects the eyes against harmful blue light waves. Our phones emit light in the 380-500 nanometer range; while this helps improve brightness and clarity, it’s bad for our eyes in the long run. Blue light filtering screen protectors use a special coating that blocks this light; and the tempered glass screen guards are much sturdier than plastic ones, ultimately safeguarding your device better.

Indoor Putting Mat

Working from home can be trying, to say the least, and a little stress break certainly helps. The Tour Professional’s Practice Putting Mat is a great addition to any home office. This well-made putting mat has been used by the best – including PGA Tour champs like Dustin Johnson and Marc Leishman – helping golfers of all skill sets improve their stroke in a fun, engaging way. The velvet-like surface material enables a smooth consistent ball roll, mimicking the speed of the perfect green. Simple to assemble and taking up very little space, the mat conveniently rolls up and out of the way when done.

GPS-enabled Sports Watch

The Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical Edition is said to be one of the best running watches around. Garmin prides itself on military-standard toughness, so if he likes to play rough, this watch is for him. All of his favorite activities – hiking, hunting, mudding and camping – will be even more enjoyable knowing he’s got high-tech global navigation system on his wrist that is also both shock and water resistant. Fuel up on your outdoor adventures by sourcing energy from the sun with its unique solar battery. For standard training, take advantage of the sports apps which are pre-loaded with activities for swimming, running, and biking, or monitor your vitals with the wrist-based heart rate function.