Father’s Day Golf, Steak and Wine
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Image: flickr.com

It’s time for our roundup of best Father’s Day gifts! (We promise, there’s more ideas than the basic tie and “World’s Best Dad” mug.)

Premier Golf Set

Noticed Dad’s clubs getting a little dinged lately? Set him up for success on the green with a shiny new set of clubs from TaylorMade Golf. Whether he’s a near-professional or the casual caddy, this RBZ SpeedLite Set can aid golfers at any experience level. Complete with 12 clubs, including a driver, 3 Fairway, 5 Fairway, 4 Rescue, 5 Rescue, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge and Putter, everything conveniently fits in the stylish yet functional cart bag. Achieve high-launching shots due to their lightweight construction which promote faster swing speeds. These clubs are designed for added forgiveness, with the weight concentrated toward the bottom of the club head allowing for greater playability, versatility and ensuring peak performance with every shot.

Gourmet Grilling Meats

Nothing makes Dad happier than when he cuts into the succulent, tender slab of perfectly cooked beef on his plate. Treat him to the Ultimate Grilling Assortment. Inclusive of 4 (8oz) Premium Angus Beef Ribeyes, 4 (6oz) Premium Angus Beef Top Sirloins, 4 (6oz) Lemon Herb Chicken Breasts and 16 (4oz) Angus Steak Burgers, this variety pack is a barbecue guy’s heaven – he’ll be set for the season! This package has a little bit of everything, and you get more than two servings of each product. My Chicago Steak products are certified USDA Prime, which rank their steaks among the top 2% of beef worldwide. The steaks are hand-carved, so you get the best possible cuts, and then are wet or dry aged for 4-6 weeks to enhance its flavor. Each one comes individually wrapped and vacuum sealed to preserve freshness.

Case of Wine

Believe it or not, sometimes he doesn’t want a beer. Instead, he might lean for a glass of red wine to sip on as he relaxes on the deck. Firstleaf’s May Day Mixed Bundle is ideal for warmer weather and fresh air day drinking. You get 12 bottles – six each of the Old World and New World wines – which is great if you if you tend to indulge in the lighter-bodied, earthier vintages of Europe, but also occasionally like the fruit-centered wines from South America that have a higher alcohol content. Here, you don’t have to compromise. Take the St. Audette Nuit, for example, a 2019 Pinot Noir from France: you’ll find flavors of black raspberry, red plum and pomegranate melded together with a note of spiciness reminiscent of cracked white pepper. (Goes excellent with glazed pork tenderloin or creamy pasta!)

CBD Gummies

Not to be confused with your average gummy bear, these CBD Gummies let him relieve his childhood memories of chewing on the fun-shaped candy – just keep the jar out of reach from the kiddies. Perhaps it’s that stressful job that’s got him working overtime the last few months and he’s really starting to feel the strain, resulting in irritability and sleepless nights. CBD gummies have been known to bring on a calming, relaxing feeling. Soothe a racing mind before bed with nature’s gift. Many people who purchase their cannabis-infused treats from Just CBD Store rate them ‘A+’ in terms of quality, taste, and freshness, noting that you can depend on the accuracy of the ingredients and the great flavors.

Protein Powder

If Dad hits the gym regularly, he’s probably interested in strength training. Show him you’re invested in helping him reach his workout goals with Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein. Packed with a hearty 24 grams of protein per serving, this product promotes positive muscle growth post-training. Available in a huge variety of delicious flavors, ranging from Double Rich Chocolate or French Vanilla Crème to Mocha Cappuccino and Rocky Road, this GNC best seller is popular for a reason. Plus, it has none of the fake sugar that is often found in protein supplements. Simply mix the powerful powder with water or milk – yes, it is Keto friendly – and you’re on your way to bulk up those biceps.