Discover Your Backyarding Personality Type
Expert Advice

Image: Deposit Photos, iriana88w

Summer and backyarding – the act of doing indoor activities such as dining, working, entertaining, and exercising in our own backyards – go hand in hand. As homeowners prepare to create the yard of their dreams this summer, our friends at TurfMutt Foundation, give you some ideas to discover your backyarding personality type.

Outdoor Athlete:

Likes to Stay Active in the Fresh Air

The Outdoor Athlete’s gold medal backyard might include a strip of grass for running sprints, built-in outdoor fitness equipment, or even a lap pool to channel your inner Michael Phelps. Try your hand at some of these DIY outdoor home gym ideas. Doing yoga outdoors or even just stretching after your workout might be one of the nicest ways to cool down and relax after a good sweat.

Nature Lover:

Likes to Watch Birds and Backyard Wildlife

The perfect backyard for Nature Lovers will feature native plants in bright colors that bloom year-round to attract, feed, and shelter pollinators and backyard wildlife. The Nature Lover will also need to find the perfect perch for backyard wildlife viewing.

Work from Home Pro:

Seals Business Deals in the Sunshine

A quiet corner of the yard complete with seating and shade (and a strong Wi-Fi signal) is the start to a beautiful and functional outdoor office. Other creature comforts like an outdoor heater, string lights, curtains, a warm rug, or even a semi-enclosed patio can enhance the space.


Makes Neighbors Green with Yard Envy 

Put the right plant in the right place so your yard is always thriving and consult the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find plants that will do well in your location with minimal input. Having the right outdoor power equipment is key to success for Landscapers, who know when to call in the professionals to help with their backyarding to-dos.

Entertainer Extraordinaire:

Loves Backyard Grilling for Friends and Family

Ambiance is everything for this backyarder. Light up your outdoor space with solar lights. With the addition of a fire pit, your ordinary patio can transform into a cozy oasis. Build an outdoor kitchen if the budget allows. Patio furniture and outdoor seating with comfortable cushions are a must, and colorful flowers in pots add a just-right touch.

Zen Master:

Wants An Outdoor Space to Relax and Unwind.

A hammock strung between shade trees, or a hammock stand if you don’t have a forest of trees. A calm and soothing water fountain that beckons backyard birds. Group several potted plants around the patio area or consider planting a small garden. These are just a few ways to create a peaceful setting outside.

Kid Zone Creator:  

Wants to create Kid Space

Safe space that lures kids away from their screens and into the great outdoors right outside your home begins with a large patch of turfgrass, perfect for sports practice, cornhole, or pitching a tent. Trees are great for zip lines, treehouses, and swings. You can even plant a garden to teach kids about the origins of the food we eat.

Pet Pamperer:

Designs Yard as a Pet Sanctuary

Who needs a dog park when you have a pet playground in your own backyard? Hardy turfgrass, sturdy plants, lots of shade trees, and shrubs that naturally section off pet “business” areas from the rest of the yard are some of the features you may want to consider. (Be sure to select non-toxic plants that are safe for pets.) Go all out with a splash pool or a sandbox for digging.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to discover your backyarding personality type, get ready to create an outdoor area that reflects your unique style while supporting the things you like to do in your green space.