Best Tips for Throwing an End-of-Summer Bash
Expert Advice

It happens every year, around the same time of year: we see the leaves take on a new color and eventually fall. The warm summer air turns to crisp breezes and shorter days. And pumpkins—pumpkins everywhere. But before we can officially drink our pumpkin spice lattes, let’s give summer the official farewell it deserves. Let’s tackle some of the best tips for throwing an end-of-summer bash!

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your get-together is the best way to pique interest among your friends and family. Don’t overthink it, though; football season is right around the corner. It brings out tailgating, barbeques, and gathered groups. Here’s a small list of ideas to get your brain thinking:

  • Fantasy Draft
  • Game Day Watch Party
  • Jersey Wars

Create a Menu

Now is where things are challenging when you’re the host who’s trying to have the most. You want food that will feed your guest list, honor the theme, and items that you can prepare with ease. That way, you can enjoy your party rather than spending five hours in the kitchen or at the grill.

The end of summer, more specifically the beginning of football season, tends to scream barbeque. Having a few meat choices and simple sides is easy for guests and hosts without fail. Don’t sweat it if this is one of your first gatherings; throwing the perfect backyard barbeque is fun for everyone involved, whether attending or hosting.

Consider Your Guests

Now that you feel prepared with a plan of action, it’s time to consider who you will invite. Among many of the best tips for throwing an end-of-summer bash, one thing is for sure: get the guests to align with the accommodations. Some things to consider include:

  • Are children allowed?
  • Will there be alcohol? Am I (the host) supplying, or is this BYOB style?
  • Send your invites three to four weeks in advance if you consider child-free, and two to three weeks if you choose otherwise.
  • Is a socially distanced setup more or less feasible for you and your invite list?

With so many memories made this summer and many new ones to come. Kick off your fall season with an end-of-summer bash that ties up the loose ends of the summer season and sets your fall off on a great note.