Beach Party Gadgets
Expert Advice

If you’re planning a beach party this summer, be sure to hit the surf and sand in style with these cool summer essentials, accessories and high-tech devices. Sure, you will plan to pack your new swimsuit, a sand-free mat, and a trendy pair of sunglasses, but don’t forget to bring along those cool beach gadgets that can make all the difference in having fun in the sun

Portable Grill

Nothing like cooking hot dogs or hamburgers on the beach with a handful of friends.   So, when packing your vehicle for a fun day on the water, don’t forget the portable grill, because fresh cooked foods on the grill are way better than a soggy sandwich.  Portable grills are perfect for the beach because you can set them up on the sand or on a small table if you have one.

Portable Speaker

What’s a beach party without some music? You are definitely going to need some beach tunes! You’ll need speakers that are loud enough to carry sound and have multiple connection options; and they should be durable for outdoor use, as well as portable for easily moving around.

Beach Cooler and Ice Chest

Nobody wants a lukewarm beer, soda or water.  This summer, you’ll need a beach cooler that can hold all the snacks and drinks that you plan to enjoy during the day. There are several to choose from but consider one with wheels and a handle to make transporting it easy. Just be sure to pack it with plenty of ice.

Portable Safe

Keep your valuables safe with this portable travel safe designed to attach to most beach furnishings. The all-in-one security device locks with a key or a tree number combination and is large enough to hold your wallet, watch, jewelry and most importantly your phone.   That way you can be sure that saved web pages with the boost my grades review or the article that clarifies the question ‘is all assignment help legit?’ is safe and sound.

Portable Fan

Sometimes when the heat starts to roll in, all you want is a breeze on your face to cool you off, and that’s where a portable fan comes in handy time and time again. While you’re at the beach you probably won’t have an electrical outlet, or AC adapter, so a battery-powered fan is a great alternative and super useful in a ton of situations.

Thermal Smartphone Protection

Fun in the sun requires special protection, and not just for you, but for your phone, as well! With a thermal protection case you can prevent your device from overheating on those hot summer days spent soaking up the sun.  This is one of the best things to bring to the beach in 2021.

Portable Charger

Give your power-hungry devices a boost when out and about with a portable charger.  This is ideal for small gear like cameras, headlamps, and GPS units, and can charge your smartphone on the go two times before needing a recharge.

Watermelon Tap

In addition to beer, there are other refreshing drinks in summer, such as cocktails or various fruit bowls. Watermelons are particularly popular. To use the tap, you must hollow out the watermelon first – who doesn’t like fresh and crunchy watermelon pieces in summer?! Then refill the hollowed melon with a drink of your choice – vodka works particularly well!

The Bottom Line

We’ve listed some great standalone devices that will be a great upgrade to your beach party. You won’t need to buy food because you can make it on your own on the grill. You’ve got music to make the day more festive and you can charge and protect your smartphone and other valuables.  Not to mention stay refreshed with some cold drinks while your portable fan will help keep you cool.