Be the Host with the Most
Expert Advice

Image: Deposit Photos, sjlocke

Whoever coined the phrase “one size fits all” probably wasn’t a tailgater. There are as many tastes and preferences as there are teams and race car drivers to cheer for on the weekends. Want to be the host with the most? Here are three simple ways to ensure your friends and family have a great time at the next tailgate or football watching party on the home front!

Tailgating is all about creating a custom experience for you and your guests. While your tradition may be serving Bloody Mary’s with a celery stick, for example, don’t forget those you invite might have other tastes in mind, such as a pickle. While you can’t make all people happy all the time, here are a few ways to avoid your party from getting into a pickle. 

1. Season

You can customize your cooking to everyone’s palate by having a selection of seasonings on hand. Keep a sampling in different straws. Melt one end to seal and let cool. Pour in the spices and seal the other end for easy travel. 

2. Taster’s Choice

Planning a menu that pleases all palates is near impossible. Go buffet style instead and offer a little bit of everything for guests to mix and match. This works well for both food and cocktails. 

3. Repurpose

Sometimes the right condiment is all a guest needs. Use a cardboard six-pack holder to easily have ketchup, mustard, and more ready to serve.

The final must-have skill? Be a good neighbor. No matter what you break, misplace, or leave at home, a fellow tailgater likely has it on hand. Take a stroll with an extra beer or brat, and someone is sure come to your aid.  This is how to be the host with the most!