BBQ Rubs & Sauces Subscription Boxes
Expert Advice

If you know a big barbecue fan, one of the greatest gifts you can give them is a BBQ rubs and sauces subscription box. You can have mouthwatering sauces, rubs, and seasonings sent directly to them, delivering unique impressive flavors from sellers all over the country. The best part is that they can cut back immensely on prep time from making their own blends and focus their attention on grilling.  Here are five great ones to consider!

Grill Masters Club

The Ultimate BBQ Experience is a subscription box that gives grill lovers a mix of top-quality rubs, spices.  sauces, and marinades, along with a few cool tools and useful recipes. Each box contains a minimum of five full sized products. Even though there’s no customization with the boxes, the Grill Masters team thoroughly research, tastes, and vets every supplier and product, so you can be assured that the products included are the best of the best!

Boost Your BBQ

Included in the Boost Your BBQ monthly box will be two premium BBQ rubs and one sauce of the same caliber to take your barbecue skills to the next level. This family run business based out of northwestern Pennsylvania partners directly with brands from coast to coast that have won countless awards and competitions. In fact, some of the brands from their famous premium rubs are Plowboys BBQ, Killer Hogs, Heath Riles, and Sucklebusters, to name a few.

June Moon Spice

You’ll want Wing Night Wednesdays to become more than just a once-a-week thing after you get hooked on this wing sauce and seasoning combo. Each month you’ll receive three different mouthwatering small-batch sauces and three seasonings. (Or two sauces and one seasoning if you opt for the 3-pack option.) Mix and match or pair a dry rub with a sauce—either way, you’ll be surprised and pleased with the flavor combinations! Parmesan Garlic, Mango Habanero and Jamaican Jerk are among the sauces, while you might get a Sea Salt & Vinegar or Lemon Pepper seasoning.

Heat Hot Sauce

Some like it hot. And for those people, we suggest they join the Hot sauce of the Month Club. Featuring expert-curated picks that will ‘wow’ even the toughest taste tester. Choose either one or three bottles per box, and select the heat level: Mellow, which contains mild to hot (but no extra hots); the most popular Classic level, which envelopes the entire world of hot sauce from mild to wild; and Extra Hot, where only diehard Chile heads need to prepare for some serious heat.

Amazing Clubs

While Amazing Clubs has subscriptions for everything under the sun—literally: bacon, ice cream, even teddy bears! — their BBQ Sauce Club is top notch! Those who have been using Amazing Clubs for years say the BBQ Sauce Club is their favorite for both the price and for their unique selections. Try the Seasonal option for four boxes delivered every three months that are inspired by spring, summer, winter, and fall. Each shipment also comes with an informative BBQ sauce lover’s newsletter with cool details about the monthly selections, grilling suggestions, and a few fun facts.