Advantages of a Diesel Truck for Tailgating
Expert Advice

Tailgating often requires towing a lot of heavy equipment around. If you’re serious about tailgating, it’s definitely worth investing in a vehicle that makes things easier for you. Most people have a lot of equipment to bring with them on game day, including grills, gas tanks, coolers, tents, and chairs. Discover the advantages of a diesel truck and why you need one for tailgating.

Long-Term Investment

Diesel trucks are more expensive than gas trucks and SUVs, but their engines last so much longer than those in other kinds of vehicles. One of the reasons is that diesel engines are less complex, with fewer moving parts. That means there are fewer ways the engine could break down, meaning less maintenance for you.

Because the upfront cost of a new truck can be intimidating to buyers, diesel trucks have a fantastic resell value. If you move somewhere that you won’t be able to tailgate anymore, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a buyer for your diesel truck, even if it’s several years old.

Better for Towing

If you’re taking a trailer with you to the game, you should definitely consider the advantages of a diesel truck. Diesel engines may not have the acceleration of other vehicles, but they make up for it with better torque. Essentially, a diesel engine doesn’t have to work as hard as other engines when towing, which again means less maintenance for you to deal with.

More Fuel Efficiency

Some people are scared off from buying a diesel truck because they know that diesel fuel is more expensive than regular gas. However, what they often forget is that diesel fuel lasts much longer than regular gas. With a diesel engine, you won’t be heading to the pump as often. With current gas prices soaring, there’s also not as big of a price difference between diesel fuel and gas.

When it comes to towing, the sheer power of a diesel engine means it doesn’t need to increase its fuel intake to do the hard work of towing. That means diesel engines are doubly efficient for tailgaters.

As long as you take good care of it, you can extend the life of your diesel truck and have a fuel-efficient vehicle for many years to come. Plus, when you need to sell it, you’ll be able to get back much more of your investment.