3 Safety Tips for Summer Tailgates
Expert Advice

You may be starting to make your early preparations for summer tailgate parties at your favorite races and games. Whether the stadium is calling your name or you’re preparing for a homegate party, the safety of yourself, your friends, and your vehicle are all important to your success as a host or attendee. Consider these three safety tips for summer tailgates and you’ll maximize your fun during the big game without worrying about putting anyone or anything in danger.

Got Meat? Pick the Right Cooler

Nothing’s better than a tailgate cookout, especially with other people. If you’re planning on grilling for your tailgating community of superfans, make sure you don’t spoil the meat with a bad cooler. A measly lunchbox won’t keep your steaks cool enough—especially in a hot vehicle. Get a cooler that can handle the summer heat and pack it with enough ice to keep your beers cold, too. If your cooler keeps things cold for days, you’ll know it’s the right fit for your collection of grilling gear.

Get Your Tailgating Vehicle Ready For the Season

Though you may be excited for the hot summer weather, your car may not be ready. A successful tailgate involves showing off your vehicle, so make sure it can handle the drive to the party and sitting out in an open parking lot for an entire day. Most importantly, make sure your air conditioning works. A broken AC when the weather heats up is unbearable—and if anyone starts overheating, they won’t have anywhere to go to feel better.

The sun relentlessly beats on your vehicle, especially when it’s parked. Protect your truck from the sun when you go tailgating to prevent damage to your seats, dashboard, and exterior. Don’t leave anything flammable, such as hand sanitizer, in a stationary vehicle, and don’t keep people or animals in a hot truck, either—even with the window open.

Protect the Crew With a Designated Driver

Tailgate parties tend to get a little boozy the longer they go on. Make sure to assign a designated driver who will do more than just get everyone home safely—they’ll keep you in line if you decide to do something risky, like grilling while drunk. You may not be able to think too clearly after you’ve had a few too many drinks, but your designated driver will adhere to safety tips for summer tailgates and respect your (sober) wishes.