White Christmas Cocktail
Food and Drink

Adapted from mightymrs.com

White Christmas Cocktail

"When you’re yearning for something simple after all the rushing, prepping, wrapping, and stuffing of the holiday season, make this. It’s as simple as forming a snowball."

Serves: 2 (you might want a double)


6 ounces white creme de menthe

6 ounces Irish cream

2 cups ice cubes

Pour it all into a blender. Push the button and let it run until it’s smooth. Hum a Christmas carol and imagine that ludicrous leg lamp from “A Christmas Story” til you smile. Or if you’re particularly cranky, ferociously jab at the blender’s on/off button. Once the cubes are blended into smoothness, pour into the nearest glass. If you’ve made it thick enough, use it as a dip for a few holiday cookies. Sigh. Now that’s a happy holiday moment.