The Perfect Batched Micheladas
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The Perfect Batched Micheladas

"It’s nearly summertime, which means sipping Micheladas on the beach, poolside, or your backyard. Micheladas – that delicious, refreshing Mexican concoction of tomato juice, lime juice, hot sauce and ice-cold beer – are a staple for Cinco de Mayo, but you can enjoy them all summer long with this great recipe from Elevated Craft. If you enjoy a good Bloody Mary, you’ll love this Michelada recipe. A well-made Michelada is one of the most refreshing and flavorful summer drinks out there."

Serves 4


Four bottles of Modelo Especial beer (or any pale lager)

8-ounces Clamato Juice

4-ounces lime juice

Cholula hot sauce (or your preferred brand)

Worcestershire sauce

1 lime

Tajin seasoning

Celery stalk

Four pieces of chilled, fully-cooked shrimp

Ice cubes

Pour the Clamato Juice into the cocktail shaker (we prefer the Elevated Craft cocktail shaker, of course). Using the cocktail shaker cap (if using the Elevated Craft shaker), pour the lime juice, followed by a few dashes of hot sauce and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Pour the contents of the shaker cap into the cocktail shaker (containing the Clamato Juice), close the cap and shake. Rim four highball glasses with lime and Tajin. Fill each highball glass with ice cubes. Using the cocktail shaker, pour four ounces into each highball glass. Top off each glass with pale lager (roughly 6 ounces). Garnish each glass with celery and shrimp. For a unique twist, muddle fresh mango into the cocktail, add mango slices, or pour in some mango juice. Enjoy!