The Ice Cream Sandwich
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The Ice Cream Sandwich

"Remember the thrill of the ice-cream truck chiming down your street every summer as a kid? Now you can sit on the porch, sipping this smooth, ice-cream sandwich cocktail instead, and skip the line at the truck."

1 ½ ounces dark rum

1 ounce chocolate vodka

½ ounce creme de cacao

¼ ounce Kahlúa

¾ ounce egg whites

1 dash vanilla extract


Glass: coupe or martini

Garnish: orange zest or sandwich cookie crumbs

In a shaker, pour in all the ingredients and shake for about a minute, maybe more, to ensure the egg whites will not separate from the mixture. The egg whites give the beverage a rich, creamy texture and an enticing foamy cap.

Add ice cubes and shake for another minute to chill the concoction.

Strain the mixture into the glass. Garnish with a few shavings of orange zest or, for a throwback to childhood, a sprinkling of finely ground sandwich cookies, but not the filling. The cookie part tastes a lot like the outside of an ice-cream sandwich.