Blackberry Prosecco Punch
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Adapted from; image: deposit photos, Radachinskiy

Blackberry Prosecco Punch

"Make this bubbly delight ahead and let it sit in the fridge even a full day before, which intensifies the flavor of the blackberry and mint. Wait to add the prosecco until you’re ready to serve."

Serves: 10–12


6 cups prepared lemonade, chilled

1/3 cup citrus or regular vodka

1 pint blackberries, frozen

3 sprigs fresh mint

1 750mL bottle prosecco, chilled

In a gallon pitcher, pour in the lemonade and vodka. Add the blackberries, mint, and finally the prosecco. The frozen berries serve as flavored ice cubes, but on hot summer days, serving over ice only adds to cool refreshment.