5 Stunning Sport Gourds

5 Stunning Sport Gourds

Our fandom runs deep in this country and bleeds into our holidays. Not surprisingly, artistic fans—or merely fervent ones—have let their spooky loose on the iconic pumpkin in celebration of Halloween for years. Here’s a look at a choice few during this eerie, pandemic-riddled year that’s ended with almost every major sport season still in play in October.

Kansas City Chiefs

Known for their annual carving ritual, Kenny and Karen of the Plain Adventure paid tribute to their beloved Chiefs in a slightly disturbing yet wildly impressive pumpkin.

FC Barcelona

An uplifting homage to Lionel Andrés Messi, an Argentine professional forward who captains both Spanish club Barcelona and the Argentina national team. We don’t know who @Toothy73 is, but that’s some serious skill.

San Antonio Spurs

Carved by Art Alaquinez this year, the San Antonio native has honored the Spurs every Halloween for the past six years with a stunning pumpkin tribute. This one’s fresh from his talented, Spur-loyal mind.

Washington Nationals

Our helmets are off to this one. A two-pumpkin scene complete with goofy face on the baseball being crushed. This was part of the “NatsOLantern” jack-o’-lantern contest for Nats fans back in 2014. The winner got an autographed Jayson Werth garden gnome.

Buffalo Sabres

Carved by Alexx Christie, who’s obviously a serious ice head, this brilliant rendition of a goalie is practically in motion.