2024 NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs Preview

2024 NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs Preview

Here we go, the two month-long journey that is the NBA playoffs is set to begin. Lots of teams that we aren’t used to seeing dominate are near the top of the standings and there are a couple teams making their returns to the top spot and looking to get the job done this time around. We’ll break down everything you need to know in our 2024 NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs Preview.

The Main Players

During the regular season, it was the Boston Celtics and then everyone else. The Celtics finished the regular season with 64 wins, which was 14 games better than the second-best team in the conference. Their record was still seven games better than the top seed in the West. It’s no argument that the Celtics are the team to beat.

The Knicks finished second in the East after a 50-win season. They enter the season on a 5-game winning streak but there are serious concerns about this team. The biggest one is that they will be without Julius Randle for the entirety of the playoffs, which will be a tall task to overcome.

After the Knicks, the team that intrigues me the most locked down the four seed and it is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland has dealt with some serious injuries throughout the season, but they will enter the postseason with their big three of Donovan Mitchell, Evan Mobley, and Jarrett Allen intact. The Cavs have shown flashes of brilliance, but they lack postseason experience and success that is critical at this stage in the season.

The Dark Horse

There is one each and every postseason and, in the East, I like the Indiana Pacers who are currently the 6-seed to make some noise and cause a little bit of trouble in the first few rounds. They have talented scorers and a head coach who knows what he is doing this time of the year.

The Biggest Question

It comes right back to the Celtics. Boston has been a letdown in the postseason year after year. In 2022, where it felt like they were destined to win, they allowed an aging Steph Curry to take them behind the shed and complete a come from behind Finals victory. The Celtics highest paid player disappeared last year and played his worst postseason series to date. They dominated the entire regular season this year and if they can’t get it done with the big additions of Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis, then it might be time to look at serious makeovers in Boston.

Big Predictions

This is getting repetitive, but I am starting again with the Celtics. I have them winning the Finals this season. If they stay healthy and play the way that they have so far, there is no reason to think that they won’t come up with a trophy.

My prediction is Celtics will win the Eastern Conference Finals in 5 games to advance to the NBA Finals and win it all. It will give Jayson Tatum his long-awaited trophy and ring and put the Boston Celtics back on the pedestal of greatness.