2024 National League Rankings

2024 National League Rankings

We are nearing summer as the Major League Baseball season rolls on. It’s time to break down the best players at each position. Here are our 2024 National League rankings for the best players at each position.


1) Will Smith (Dodgers) – Smith is a middle of the lineup hitter for the best lineup in the league. He has lived up to the billing from when he came into the league as a top prospect. No surprise he’s at the top here.

2) William Contreras (Brewers) – Contreras was the biggest piece of the Sean Murphy trade and at this point, you may be wondering why they ever traded him? Contreras is hitting way over .300 and is second amongst NL catchers in home runs at 8.

3) J.T. Realmuto (Phillies) – Realmuto is more than a great hitter and fielder for the Phillies, he’s a true captain on that team that also commands the pitching staff. His bat is special at the position, but he is far more.

First Baseman

1) Freddie Freeman (Dodgers) – This one is obvious. He is a perennial MVP, consistently hits over .300 and has been one of the best hitters in the game of baseball for nearly a decade.

2) Bryce Harper (Phillies) – Odd to see Harper as a first baseman but that is his new position after his arm injury, and he is still slugging for the Phils.

3) Pete Alonso (Mets) – The Mets are down right now and so is Alonso’s batting average, but he is still one of the most feared hitters in all of baseball with his ability to go yard at any time.

Second Baseman

1) Brice Turang (Brewers) – Maybe this is a shock at number one on this list, but Turang might soon be a household name. He is the best second baseman in the NL when you consider his glove and bat. He has the second-highest OPS and third-highest fielding percentage at the position.

2) Ketel Marte (Diamondbacks)- Further down the list because of his glove, Marte’s offense isn’t replaceable. He hits for major power and his more than 100 total bases outpaces the entire position category.

3) Bryson Stott (Phillies) – If you’re wondering why Philly is so good this year, it’s because the first three positions we’ve listed all have Philly guys. Stott is having a breakout year.

Third Baseman

1) Alec Bohm (Phillies) – Another Philly guy on the list. Bohm is crushing this year in a big way. He is hitting for average and has an insane OPS of .859 which leads the position. He has been a doubles machine with 22 this year, 8 more than the next closest guy.

2) Ryan McMahon (Rockies) – He is turning into a household name for Colorado and could be dealt at the deadline. He hits for big time power which makes him the leader in slugging but needs glove work.

3) Nolan Arenado (Cardinals) – The skilled third baseman has fallen off a bit from his best days in Colorado and early ones in St. Louis but there is no top list without him on here.


1) Mookie Betts (Dodgers) – Yes, Mookie Betts is now a full-time shortstop for those who haven’t been watching closely. He is the leading MVP candidate at the moment with a WAR close to 4. He has an average over .330 and nearly 120 total bases.

2) Ezequiel Tovar (Rockies) – Tovar is having a breakout season as he is just 22 years old and really impressive. He has the best glove at short in the NL, leading in fielding percentage and is hitting over .285 while adding some power.

3) Masyn Winn (Cardinals) – It seemed like the Cards would slowly integrate Winn by signing Brandon Crawford, but Winn doesn’t need the help with a big bat and a glove getting better each day.

Left Field

1) Jurickson Profar (Padres) – Profar is the only right answer right now at #1. He has an OPS over .915 and he has the best glove in left field at this point in the season.

2) Brandon Marsh (Phillies) – Marsh has the second highest WAR for left fielders in the NL and can hit it well. His defense can be a liability at times.

3) Jesse Winker (Nationals) – He has a positive offensive and defensive WAR. He isn’t a flashy name by any means but gets the job done.

Center Field

1) Jazz Chisholm Jr. (Marlins) – They converted him to the outfield, and it has worked.  He has the best fielding percentage in the NL there and he is still contributing at the plate with the highest OPS at the position.

2) Brenton Doyle (Rockies) – You’d think Colorado would be better with all these selections. Doyle is a great hitter and has a high offensive WAR while proving not to be a liability in the field in a big park.

3) Jackson Merrill (Padres) – The rookie is impressing with the second-highest offensive WAR and a glove that has made a couple of really impressive web gems.

Right Field

1) Fernando Tatis Jr. (Padres) – Simply put, he is one of the top players in baseball and is a true five-tool player. He has an incredible arm in right field and hits for power and average while also adding speed.

2)  Teoscar Hernandez (Dodgers) – There were two Dodgers signings that everyone wanted to talk about, but Hernandez might be one of the best with the best WAR at the position and he has 12 home runs already.

3) Starling Marte (Mets) – Marte is a great vet to have around who can still hit for power and average and won’t lose you a game with his glove.

Honorable Mention: Ronald Acuna Jr. who had a season-ending ACL injury just last week.

Designated Hitter

1) Shohei Ohtani (Dodgers) – Anything to really say here? Ohtani has a 3.1 WAR.

2) Marcell Ozuna (Braves) – Tons of power this year from Ozuna already passing the 15 homerun mark with no indication of slowing down.

3) Kyle Schwarber (Phillies) – There is one thing you have Schwarber for, and it is to hit home runs, he has a lot and a better batting average this year.

Starting Pitchers

1) Shota Imanaga (Cubs) – He wasn’t the biggest name international pitcher this season, but man has he been the best with the highest WAR and a WHIP under 1.

2) Zach Wheeler (Phillies) – He is a strikeout machine and an ace at the top of the Phillies rotation that includes so many talented pitchers.

3) Ranger Suarez (Phillies) – Speaking of those talented pitchers, it’s a breakout year for Suarez who has the lowest ERA in the NL and WHIP while coming in second in WAR.

Relief Pitchers

1) Bryan Hudson (Brewers) – Hudson has been nothing short of phenomenal with an ERA hovering under 0.60 and a WAR as a reliever nearing the 2 mark.

2) Robert Suarez (Padres) – Like Hudson, Suarez has a tiny ERA, allowing just 2 runs all year and has been a key part of San Diego’s pen.

3) Camilo Doval (Giants) – He is the second best closer in the Bay, but one of the best in the NL. Doval has been lights out for the Giants and always seems to work out of a jam.