2024 College Baseball World Series

2024 College Baseball World Series

The 2024 College Baseball World Series is officially upon us as the eight remaining teams in the NCAA head to Omaha for a chance to win a National Championship. There are only two conferences that will be represented in Nebraska this year – the ACC and SEC. If that makes you a little sick, I understand. But, as has been the case all season, the best teams came out of the South this year.

The Eight Teams Headed to Omaha are:

1) Tennessee

2) Kentucky

3) Texas A&M

4) North Carolina

8) Florida State

10) North Carolina State

12) Virginia


That’s right, four teams from the SEC and four from the ACC with the University of Florida coming in as the only unranked team. Only Florida and Virginia have won National Titles before. Florida State has made it to the tournament a stunning 23 times without bringing home a trophy and they haven’t played in the final since 1999. You can also pity North Carolina who has been a whopping 11 times without winning a Natty.

Teams to Watch

Tennessee will be the team to watch and the team to beat in this tournament as their offense is just too potent to out hit. A team with incredible pitching will need to come in and knock them out but it will be hard to get past the bats of Christian Moore and Blake Burke. Evansville gave the Vols everything that they had and even forced an elimination game, but Tennessee still steamrolled them in the decisive game three.

Texas A&M had a fantastic season and would have won any other conference had it not been for the Vols. A&M showed how good their offense is as well after they had a nine-run inning in the super regionals which helped get them to Omaha. This would be a very fun match in the finals as it would represent two of the best in college baseball.

Kentucky has never been to Omaha, and they have one of the best closers in all of college baseball who they hope can lock things down when this tournament likes to really add some flare.

Florida State just wants to win one, already. Florida State has LEGIT power, and they have a couple of guys who will likely be very high draft picks in the MLB Draft who can clear the outfield walls with their swings.

And how about Florida. I never thought we would call the Gators a Cinderella team, but they appear to be just that in this tournament. They did everything they needed to against Clemson and made those games fun to watch to punch their ticket.

Favorite Tournament Player

Hitter: Jac Caglianone – He is the most fun hitter in all of College Baseball for my money. He is a darling in Omaha, and he hit .411 with 33 home runs and a 1.392 OPS while also dealing on the mound.

Pitcher: Jamie Arnold – FSU’s southpaw pitcher is a strikeout machine. He had the third most in college baseball this year and owned an immaculate inning. He struck out 17 batters in a game this year.


I am going with Tennessee as they just have more power at the plate than anyone in this tournament and the long ball kills in Omaha. The Vols will take home their first National Championship in the sport.