Grilling Guide

Tips For Staying Safe When Using Your Grill Outdoors

Grilling is an excellent way to prepare food, but you need to be aware of some things when using fuel near an open flame. Use these best practices to stay safe.

Of all the ways to cook your food, grilling is one of the best. Since it releases the fat from meat as it cooks, grilled food is healthy for you and tastes great. And it’s perfect for tailgating. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the potential hazards of grilling seriously.

It’s easy to forget about safety when you’re having a good time with family and friends. Remember these tips for staying safe when using your grill outdoors.

Find a Safe Spot To Set Up

The first thing you’ll want to do when grilling outdoors is to find a safe place to cook. You need a flat spot to set up so that the grill doesn’t accidentally tip over. If you’re near a building, make sure you always stay at least 10 feet away.

You should also check to ensure there’s nothing directly above the grill. Furthermore, it’s important to watch out for any decks or siding that might be in the way so that you don’t set any nearby structures on fire.

Be Prepared in Case of Fire

You’ll want to ensure you’re ready to act quickly if there’s a fire. Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby and do your grilling over stone or sand to reduce the risk of a fire spreading from the grill.

Learning the basics of fire safety is an important step in mastering your backyard BBQ. If things get out of hand, you should immediately call your local fire department rather than try to deal with it yourself.

Clean After Every Use

Even if you’re using a public grill, cleaning after you finish is essential to prevent accidents. Too much buildup can catch fire, especially when lots of grease and food become stuck on the surface.

Empty any accumulated ash and clean the grates with a wire brush to remove any particulates. You can use gloves, hot water, and soap for a deeper cleaning if it gets really bad.

Take the Necessary Precautions to Avoid Common Hazards

There’s no shortage of things that can go wrong when cooking with an open flame. Staying safe when using your grill outdoors requires ongoing vigilance and care.

If you take the time to plan accordingly and consider all the potential hazards, you’ll be able to enjoy your time outdoors without incident.