Grilling Guide

Step Up Your Burger Game

Whether you’re tailgating or homegating, serve up classic fare with a gourmet flair. Here are a few interesting ways to bring those burgers to the next level.  As you prepare your table with chips, dips, and veggies galore this weekend, give a little extra thought to your main courses. The hamburger (with or without cheese) has been a staple in American dining for decades, and for a good reason—it’s delicious, filling, easy to cook, and infinitely customizable. When you fire up the grill, think of some of the best unique ways to step up your burger game and rise to the challenge.

Spice Up the Meat

If you’re staring at a package of ground chuck, brainstorming your next great burger recipe, turn your attention to the spice rack. Herbs, spices, and different seasonings are a quick and easy way to elevate your patty. Garlic is a common crowd-pleaser when paired with fresh herbs. You can also whip up an in-house seasoning blend with favorites like smoked paprika and cracked black pepper.

Go Gourmet

Pick one or two elements of your burger to elevate. Swap out your American cheese slices for some equally gooey brie, or make your patties from Wagyu ground beef instead of the regular stuff. Respect the burger’s place at the table as an unfussy yet delicious staple; you don’t have to rebuild it from the bun up. Just give it a couple of fancy twists to get fellow tailgaters asking for your secret.

Add Homemade Elements

Speaking of building a burger from the bun up, have you ever made hamburger buns? A simple bread recipe only asks for flour, water, yeast, and salt. Bake up a few buns and season them with your favorite elements, whether garlic, pepper, cheese, or others. Slice them, toast them, or lightly grill them, and start building that burger! Additionally, make some condiments. Chimichurri and spicy aioli sauces will make a tasty home on the table next to the ketchup and mustard.

Ease Up on Beef

If you’ve got a meat grinder, try a juicy burger with new depths of flavor by introducing other meats to the mix. Lamb and veal are equally tender options. You can even get creative with different parts of the cow! Grind up some brisket along with the rest of your meats for a uniquely flavorful bite.

This football season, delight your tailgate guests with new twists on the classic hamburger. This time-honored American fare is a perfect blank canvas for all kinds of flavor experiments. Fire up the grill this weekend and try some of the best ways to step up your burger game.