Grilling Guide

5 Grilling Tools That You Must Have

Every grillmaster needs quality tools in his arsenal to make the best possible food for his tailgate or backyard barbecue homegate party. Whether you’re just starting out gathering your accessories or want to replace something old, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the grilling tools you must have that will last you season after season.

For a clean grill surface

You’ll need: Grill brush

No matter how tasty your burgers are, if the “extra seasonings” are actually just grease and grime leftover on the grill from previous uses, the judges will not be pleased. Maintaining a clean cooking area is crucial to the grilling process. Take a look at the Kona Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper. Bristle free, so you won’t have to worry about loose pieces of metal wire breaking off and getting stuck in your food. Built to resist melting, unlike your average nylon brush. And the three coils of stainless steel interlock with each over, making the brush head 125% more rigid than a conventional brush.

For accurate cooking temperatures

You’ll need: Instant-read thermometer

Immediately know if your meat is ready to be taken off the heat with an instant-read thermometer. The Javelin Pro Digital Instant-Read Meat Thermometer stacks up well to its more expensive competitors. It’s spot-on for accuracy and provides ultra-fast responses within three seconds. The display is super easy to read thanks to the large numbers and backlit screen. PS: If you’re really eccentric, you can toggle the temperature readout to the 1/10th degree.

For precision cuts

You’ll need: Boning knife

The Swiss Army Cutler Fibrox Pro Curved Boning Knife from Victorinox will probably be the most used knife in your collection. Hitting the ideal 6” length for 90% of your kitchen tasks, a comfortable handle and made of well-constructed, durable material, this is an excellent choice for cutting delicate pieces fish or poultry. With a curved, flexible blade, you have a better working angle for easily cutting meat without tearing. It is incredibly sharp, as the premium steel gives it excellent edge retention. And the non-slip-grip makes it okay to use even if your hands are a little wet!

To Avoid Getting Your Hands Dirty

You’ll need: Barbecue gloves

Sometimes tongs just won’t cut it when you need to rearrange coals or move food. Go ahead, reach in there with confidence and protected hands! Grillaholics Silicone Barbecue Gloves have a cotton lining made of insulated fibers on the inside, while the outside is dotted with ThermoMatrix silicone, giving them maximum heat resistance (up to 660°F). The cooking gloves are comfortable and flexible enough that you have full range of your fingers and ability to get a solid grip without feeling restricted.

For Juicier, Evenly-Cooked Food

You’ll need: Grill Grate panel

Deemed “the missing piece to your grilling needs”, the GrillGrate Interlocking Panels Set acts like a lens on top of your grill. It traps heat and sends it traveling up the rails, amplifying the heat of your grill up to 100°F. The bottom plate reduces burning, charring, and essentially blocks flare ups. That’s because the anodized aluminum in the grate conducts heat evenly, avoiding any hot or cold spots. As juices fall into the grate, they sizzle and vaporize back into the meat so that it retains moisture and flavor. Also comes with a GrateTool (half-fork, half spatula) so you can lift your food without scraping.