Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Grill Master

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Grill Master

If you dropped the ball on Christmas and didn’t get that BBQ fanatic everything they wanted, now is your chance at redemption! Shower them this holiday with Valentine’s Day gifts such as tools, gadgets, and accessories that a grilling guru can’t help but love. (Note: The items on our top picks list may result in the BBQ lover spending more time on the grill than with you!)

Remote Thermometer

The Maverick XR-50 is perfect for those looking for a remote BBQ thermometer to easily monitor your food from up to 500 feet away. The digital meat thermometer allows you to separately observe up to four different meats. Its four high-temperature probes are made of a stainless-steel braid that is heavier than most, and the jacks for the temperature probes are fitted with seals to block moisture if it rains. You can even set alarms for desired temperature; if you set a temperature range for your cooker between 200° and 250°F, the alarm will not arm itself until the lower threshold is crossed, which prevents the alarm from going off while your grill is heating up.

BBQ Apron

Want to look stylish while getting your grill on? Skip the “Kiss the Cook” apron and opt for a stylish (and functional) overall. Measuring 34 inches in length and 30 inches wide, the full coverage design will keep your clothes clean and your charm fresh. Details speak for themselves when it comes to the design of this sleek, cotton-twill dark denim grill apron, as the contrast stitching and crisscross bar tacks nod to a contemporary aesthetic. Stash your quick-access accessories in one of the four pockets (two large and two small) so that everything you need is never far from reach.

Premium Pork Claws

Unlike traditional fork pulling, meat claws make quick work of shredding meat and poultry, especially with large cuts like pork shoulder or whole chickens. They are arguably one of the most useful tools in your kitchen! Compared to other pulled pork forks, the robust 3-inch-long handle is very comfortable to grip. These claws are essentially extensions of your hands and make the pulling part of the pork much more enjoyable – anyone who’s attempted to shred a pork butt with two regular kitchen forks will understand how labor intensive it can be, so make it easy on yourself. And the pork.

BBQ “Brizzle” Basting Brush

Ever heard of a brizzle? Neither have we, until now. A cross between a brush and a drizzle, the brizzle is the barbecue sauce brush that scoops every last drop! The unique scooping head feeds sauces and marinades onto the BBQ brush for maximum flavor distribution. (You know that stubborn bit of sauce that manages to hide out in the corners of the container? They are no match for the brizzle.) Brizzles are super durable, with their silicone bristles that are heat resistant to 500°F and non-abrasive while still providing superior liquid retention. With an extra-long handle, hands are kept away from the heat as you baste and slather on marinades.

Grilling Gloves

For those who get elbows deep when they’re grilling, a must-have accessory is a pair of quality grilling gloves. The gloves’ outer later embodies the flame pattern on the outside that also duals as non-slip protection. Giving the wearer full protection, its 8 inches of palm length plus an extra 5.7 inches of wrist guard length is enough to protect fingers, hands, wrists, and a good portion of the forearm too. With the ability to resist heat of up to nearly 1470°F, you don’t have to worry about scorching yourself, whether you are moving around coals or grabbing a cast iron skillet from an open flame.