The Watchman Stove

The Watchman Stove

The Watchman Stove is built to last! It is constructed of mostly 3/16″ & 1/4″ carbon and stainless steel. The design of the stove body, which is made of 6″ x 3/16″ wall steel square tube, creates maximum burning efficiency.  The adjustable square tube legs allow for a level cooking surface in any terrain.

Keep your food or coffee warm on the 1/4″ thick “potato plate” or use it for baking.  The 3/16″ stainless cook surface also flips back to allow for top feeding of wood into the funnel to go into bonfire mode.  The 1/8″ ash dump plate can also be utilized as an adjustable draft control when burning a bonfire.  Product weight is 75 lbs and dimensions are approximately 20″ w x 30″ h x 22″ d.

Temperature control and cooking: 

Front Feeding:

This is the quickest way to get the stove up to cooking temperatures. The cooktop can be varied from 350F to 550F by varying the size and species of your wood selection. Smaller sticks = higher temperatures due to increased surface area of the fuel. Larger splits = lower temperatures due to decreased surface area.

Top Feeding:

The Watchman Stove performs very well by dumping lit charcoal down the vertical tube. A full charcoal chimney can provide hours of consistent heat for your cooking needs. Throw the cooktop back and have a relaxing bonfire and make s’mores by top feeding wood into the funnel. Once you build a bed of coals in the bottom, drop the cooktop back into place and cook away.

Ash Slide:

This is designed to “cook on the fly”. During long cooks, the bottom will fill with ash and reduce the efficiency of the fire. Simply slide the ash slide open, allow the ash to drop, and resume cooking. The stainless steel inner lower grate keeps the hot coals in place. The ash slide has another purpose of providing secondary air intake when top feeding the stove.

Direct Cooking:

You can cook directly on the cook top. If using wood, follow the same rules that apply to proper wood for running a “stick-burner” smoker. Oak, apple, hickory, fruit woods, and most hardwoods are great.

Indirect Cooking:

If using pots and pans, your wood selection isn’t nearly as critical, and flavor won’t be imparted to your food.

Potato Plate:

The plate/shelf is the warmest around the 3 sides of the vertical 6″ tube. It averages 300F. The 4 outside corners are normally 50F to 75F cooler. The purpose of the shelf is to cook corn, potatoes, shrimp in a pan with butter, for warming side dishes, sauces for pasta or even for quickly warming up a cup of coffee.

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