5 Evaporative Coolers to Consider

5 Evaporative Coolers to Consider

The dog days of summer are upon us—and the last thing you want is to be sticky, wet, and uncomfortable from the heat and humidity. If you want to significantly lower the ambient temperature for your next tailgate, or backyard BBQ party, investing in an evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler as they are also called, is a smart choice. Evaporative coolers are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain. Check out these five great options.

Arizona Air Coolers SlimKool

The SlimKool provides up to 12,500 CFM for indoor spaces up to 2,100 square feet. When you’re using the cooling function and the water tank becomes empty, the water pump will automatically shut off to protect it from damage. And since the KoolKube is designed for use as a powerful fan as well as an air cooler, you’ll still enjoy up to 12,500 CFM of airflow for days when you only need air circulation. Simply select flip the control dial to the fan-only position and voilà!

Cajun Kooling CK4500-S

Cool the air down between 10-25 degrees on hot summer days—and with an added side opening compartment for ice, you can make temperatures even colder! This can cool 1,200 square feet and runs off a 110-Volt outlet and water. It’s also got a 32-gallon reservoir which allows for a 6-10 hour run time so you can keep cool and carry on from day to night. In terms of design, the Cajun Kooling system has widened fan blades which make this cooler exceptionally quiet and energy efficient, so you can have conversations with family and friends in a quiet, cool environment.

Hessaire MC61M

Instantly feel cooler while tailgating, camping, or cooking out in your backyard with this portable evaporative cooler from Hessaire. The easy-to-operate rotary controls make using this air cooler a snap! The three simple buttons allow the fan (Off, Hi, Med, Low), pump (On, Off) and oscillation motor (On, Off) to be controlled independently. Cooling the air is only a part of the process; propelling the chilled airflow of 5,300 CFM at a surprisingly quiet level is what brings you the needed relief. The air swing delivery system moves cool air left to right across the room to ensure that air is evenly distributed.

Portacool Jetstream 220

The Portacool Jetstream 220 Portable boasts powerful cooling in a compact size. Perfect for tight spaces or for spot-cooling a challenging personal workspace, you’ll find that you reach for this freestanding evaporative cooler more often than you thought you would. The Liquid level Indicator with automatic pump shutoff protects your cooler (and your investment). You can roll the Jetstream 220 where needed and the oscillating louvers will help deliver cooling comfort throughout your bay, garage, or shop.

Arizona Air Coolers Koolkube

Perfect for large patios, this sturdy air cooler features simple dial controls and locking casters for easy transport, set-up, and operation. It also gives you the option of filling the 14.5-gallon water tank or using a hose connection for continuous fill. When you only need simple air circulation, you can operate the KoolKube without running the water pump, which is a great option for more humid conditions. And when finished you are using it at the end of the day, run the fan only for 30 minutes to dry out the media pads—this keeps mildew down to a minimum.