Smart Home Gadgets

Image: Wikimedia Commons, mikemacmarketing

Smart Home Gadgets

Smart home gadgets will modernize your space, turning multi-step functions into streamlined automation with the touch of a button or voice command. With hundreds of appliances and devices you can control from anywhere, it’s clear that the smart home space is rapidly expanding—and it would be pretty dumb not to hop on the bandwagon! Here are five hot smart home gadgets you need to get your hands on.

Video Doorbell

Bring a bit of security to your doorstep with the Arlo video doorbell. The front door camera and door security device lets you see a person from head to toe or a package on the ground with 180-degree view. The HDR quality footage from the camera offers clear detail even in low light or sunny conditions. You can hear and speak to visitors through the device, as the two-way audio allows you to let your neighbor know they will be there in a minute to let them in or inform the UberEats delivery guy to leave the package at the doorstep. Notifications instantly pop up on your phone for people, vehicles, packages, and animals so you can react quickly and never miss a moment.

Learning Thermostat

What’s better than a gadget that controls temperature? A gadget that controls temperature and “remembers” that you get the best sleep of your life at 67 degrees and will automatically change to that setting at 10PM on the dot. Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat is more tech-advanced than its predecessor, learning your schedule and preferences in about a week to automatically adapt your home’s HVAC settings. If you’re going on vacation for a few days, don’t worry about heating or cooling an empty home; the system, which is no larger than the circumference of your palm, adjusts the temperature after you leave. And within no time, it essentially pays for itself! The Nest has been reported to save users between 10-15% on their heating and cooling bills.

Smart Clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential does not simply just ‘tell time’, it gets your bedroom connected in an unassuming, useful way! The clock has a speaker and built-in Alexa capabilities so you can set timers, alarms, and reminders, even compile your Amazon shopping cart by saying “Alexa, add eggs to the grocery list.” The large LED display screen shows the weather, humidity, and temperature so you know exactly how to dress for the day. At night, the screen will auto-dim for a peaceful sleep. In the morning, program it to pick up where you last left off on your favorite podcast.

Air Quality Monitor

An indoor air quality monitor reports on the levels of common pollutants and other air conditions inside your home in real time. Sounds helpful, right? We thought so too. The Filtrete Smart Air Purifier’s filtration system captures 99.97% of unwanted airborne particles, such as allergens, dust, lint, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and pet dander. It is equipped with ‘Auto Mode’, which will adjust fan speed when poor air quality is detected. Keep track of it all through the convenient app and monitor levels from your phone.


The Phillips Hue Lightbar is a voice-controlled versatile lighting solution that offers bright, vivid colors in a compact and light form factor, making it a great choice for accent lighting and ambiance. The aesthetically pleasing, sleek design will modernize any living room, den, or family room whether standing on a cabinet or mounted on the back of the TV—or even lying flat on the floor to brighten up the walls from floor to ceiling. If you go for the TV option, however, it will create a beautiful backlight.