RollR 80 Coolers by Rovr Products

RollR 80 Coolers by Rovr Products

Not just a cooler, it’s the ultimate mobile party station. The CampR is an 80-qt. roto-molded, all-terrain wheeled coolers designed for camping and tailgating! Comes with a bike towbar so your cooler can go anywhere you go!

Features include:

  • Extended ice retention
  • High-performance, puncture resistant tires
  • Sub-40-degree dry bin
  • Aluminum pull-beside dual handle
  • Pop-up wagon bin
  • Hook-on prepping board and cup holders
  • 120-can capacity
  • Airtight gasket
  • Anchor Points
  • Lock Point
  • Certified Bear Resistant

The Ultimate Camping and Tailgate Cooler!