Portable Power Station Top Picks

Portable Power Station Top Picks

If you enjoy tailgating, camping, being outdoors, or simply want to be prepared during a winter storm, a portable power station should be on your holiday shopping list. The power banks are no larger than a lunch box yet pack a useful source for you to have power whenever you need it. Here are five to consider.

Westinghouse iGen 160S (155Wh 150 Peak Watt) Portable Power Station

The iGen160s is engineered without an engine which means it uses no fuel, needs no maintenance, and generates no noise for a hassle-free experience. Without fumes or special care, this is the ultra-versatile silent power source to take anywhere. This portable power station is a small but rugged off-grid portable generator, and while it is expected to accompany you on outdoor adventures, it is functional for indoor use as well. The trusted unit is perfect as a backup blackout kit and will keep your phones, laptops, and security systems up and running.

GRECELL Portable Power Station 300W

The GRECELL Portable Power Station 300W has a 288Wh capacity and an output of 330W 600W surge. It supports most laptops, tablets, phones, TVs, and mini refrigerators less than 9V. Have multiple devices that need charging? No problem. The GRECELL can charge up to eight devices at once! Its standout feature, however, is the battery management system because it has built-in overload and overcharge protection. The system will automatically stop charging when the device is full and will prevent- short circuiting. There are also two pre-installed silent cooling fans to keep the station operating at a safe temperature.

MARBERO 88Wh Portable Power Station

This unit delivers on its promise of convenience and portability. The design is super sleek and modern-looking. Weighing less than three pounds and its slim profile make it easy to pick up and move about effortlessly. The power station also has an emergency light feature, ideal for camping trips or hiking adventures where you might want to illuminate a dark path on your way back to the site. The LED button can change between constant light and strobe modes which can last up to 12 hours when the power station is fully charged.

VTOMAN Jump 600X Portable Power Station 600W

A true powerhouse, packed with a great set of features, the VTOMAN JUMP 600X Portable Power station has two AC outlets, fast-charging USB ports, versatile DC outputs, a bright LED flashlight, and quick recharging options. Take advantage of its unique jumpstart feature to kick your (8L gas or 6.5L diesel-guzzling) car into gear when you need a jolt. Unique to VTOMAN, as other power stations do not double as a mode to revive your vehicle, this device is a lifesaver in emergency situations—just make sure you have a separate jumper cable with you.

EnginStar 300W Solar Generator Portable Power Station

Solar-powered generator stations are the best way to ensure that there is always electricity available when needed most, whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or in your backyard! This EnginStar 300W can be charged with any 12—25V solar panel nought separately, so you can essentially charge the generator while walking, driving, or resting—the only thing you need is sunlight. Bonus point: solar generators do not require harmful chemicals to function, which means you won’t negatively impacting the environment when you use your generator.