Top 5 Portable Pellet Grills

Top 5 Portable Pellet Grills

You know that your backyard pellet grill isn’t the easiest thing to lug around to the campsite or tailgate party.  Most of them are big, bulky machines that need to be plugged into an outlet, making them insufficient tailgate tag-alongs. But due to the growing popularity of pellet grills, there are now some high-quality portable models out there; manufacturers have even added nifty features to make it easier for you to take your pellet smoker on the go. If you are looking for a portable pellet grill, check out these top picks!

Green Mountain Grills Trek Prime 2.0

Extremely efficient with its pellet use and heat retention, the Trek Prime 2.0 boasts improved design features to make your grilling experience even more seamless. For example, the new rounded hybrid chamber provides for optimal heat distribution and smoke circulation. The 2.0’s stauncher legs provide a sturdier and more secure base for the grill—meaning, you can have confidence in its stability. And thanks to its digital Wi-Fi controller, users can oversee grilling functions from an app on their phone. Regardless of your surroundings, you can easily control the cooking process with just a few taps on a screen!

Cuisinart CPG-256 

Great for camping and tailgating events, the Cuisinart Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is the tiny but mighty grill you’ve been looking for. The 4 lb. hopper capacity allows this pellet grill to smoke for hours without refilling. When smoking a chicken or pork loins, you’ll likely find that this unit produces a beautiful smoke ring, creating a mildly sweet smoky taste. Enjoy the set it and forget it style cooking with one meat probe included to help you keep an eye on the food temperature. It also comes with an electronic auto-start ignition, digital auto temperature control and real-time PID temperature display.

Country Smokers

With 256 square inches of grilling space and a 5-pound hopper, The Country Smokers PPG is clearly tailored for easy portability. The grill comes with two internal probes: one shows on the control panel, and the other situated in the hood. (It’s typical to observe fluctuations in temperature, as pellet grill fires generally operate in cycles.) You can pair the grill with a 100-watt inverter to power it using a 12-volt DC plug in your vehicle; this setup will supply power to the auger and control panel, but you’ll need to disconnect the grill igniter since it requires 1000 Watts to operate.

Camp Chef Pursuit 20 

The heavy-duty wheels and push-button folding legs on the Camp Chef Pursuit 20 make this grill easy to maneuver, and the hopper has a locking clasp on it, so the pellets stay intact during transport. It also features slide and grill technology, allowing you to shift the heat deflector to the side. This allows flames to rise through the slots in the drip pan whenever you want that extra fire for your hotdogs, steaks, burgers, and more. They’ve even included a safety grate to prevent any worries about kids reaching into the pellets or auger while it’s running.

Pit Boss 10697

This tabletop grill produces excellent results and does not disappoint. Employing cutting-edge technology, superior craftsmanship, and exclusively 100% natural hardwood pellet fuel, the Mahogany Series has 8-in-1 cooking versatility, enabling you to smoke, bake, roast, braise, sear, grill, char-grill, or barbecue delicious meals. Offering 256 square inches of cooking surface, the Pit Boss 150 PPS weighs about 40 pounds, which is light enough to move around. It’s got a pellet cooking temperature range of 180° To 500°F, and open flame searing up to 1,000° F.