5 Great Stand-Alone Gas Grills

5 Great Stand-Alone Gas Grills

Not everyone is ready to commit to a built-in grill—and that is O.K. Stand-alone grills and built-in grills are both amazing pieces of technology. However, neither one is better than the other and each has its advantages under certain situations. Stand-along grills come with the grill head mounted on a cart, and although they are not necessarily portable, you will still have more flexibility with it.  A stand-alone gas grill might just have everything you want to grill the perfect steak. Whether you choose a natural gas grill, or a propane grill you really can’t go wrong.  Check out our top picks!


Napoleon Prestige 500

The Napoleon Prestige 500 Gas Grill’s size it’s big enough for a party (760 square inches in total when you consider the main cooking area and the warming station). The cooking grates are made from porcelain-coated cast iron, meaning they get up to temperature quickly and retain heat well. It also means they are built to last a long time! This model comes with four burners, each capable of outputting 12,000 BTU in their individual section. These are controlled by the four gas burner knobs each of which light up in varying colors, so you know if they’re still on or not – red for on and blue for off.


Weber Genesis II (Special Edition) SE-335

With the word “special” in the name, you must wonder what makes this grill stand out? While Weber touts a strong line of grills the Genesis II SE-335’s combination of features makes it worthy of the claim. While it doesn’t have a stainless steel body, it does have stainless steel cooking grates, which are heavy and smooth. (You get excellent heat transfer on a surface that is more nonstick than the typical porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates.) Then there’s the internal sear burner: this sits between the right and middle main burners to give you a boost in power for better grilling.


Blaze Premium LTE 32-Inch

If you’re a BBQ enthusiast who flips over sear marks, listen to this: Blaze’s patented triangle-shaped searing rods produces impressive sear marks every time. The flame tamer system includes a 14-gauge flame stabilizer grid that minimizes flare-ups. It also has air holes so the grease can either evaporate or filter down into the grease pan below while avoiding the burner. The 304 stainless steel grill hood is double lined to protect the outer layer from heat discoloration, keeping the grill looking shiny and new even after numerous uses!


Weber Spirit S-315 

The Weber Spirit is a budget friendly freestanding gas grill that gives you the basics you need for a solid backyard barbecue. Essentials only, this standard configuration has three burners, producing up to 32,000 BTUs with 420 square inches of cooking surface. Don’t be deterred by these stats; for a three-burner grill, it has a small footprint and with the fold-down side tables it is perfect for smaller homes. It has good potential for indirect grilling and can do most grilling tasks well, but again, other Weber lines have more capabilities and features so unless you’re a first timer you may be interested in something else.


Blaze Professional LUX

A  high-performing grill such as the Blaze Professional Lux has much to offer. The 34-inch cooking system has three cast 304 stainless steel burners, which provide a total of 54,000 BTUs on the cooking surface. Other notable features include a full rotisserie system with rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner and LED-lit control panel. And the removable warming rack is an ideal place to keep bread and other food heated while you grill. When it’s time to clear away the empty plates and clean up for the night, the grease control system has a full-width, roll-out drip tray so you can simply and quickly dispose of the unwanted.

So, whether you choose a natural gas grill, or a propane grill you are guaranteed several years of great meals and fun times with friends and family.