Luxury Fire Pits for the Backyard

Luxury Fire Pits for the Backyard

Transform your backyard into a sanctuary of elegance and warmth with our collection of luxury fire pits. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, these exquisite outdoor products offer a captivating focal point for gatherings under the stars. Whether you prefer the convenience of gas or the rustic charm of wood burning, our curated selection ensures that every flame dances with sophistication. With prices starting at $1,000, indulge in the epitome of outdoor luxury and elevate your outdoor living experience to new heights.

Small Space Entertaining:

Outdoor GreatRoom 31″ Round Composite Firepit

You don’t need acres of backyard space to enjoy outdoor hosting. Whether apartment-living
The Stonefire fire pit table is the perfect size for entertaining your guests on the patio, as the 31.5″ diameter surface allows room for drinks and appetizers to be served; and the table stands at 22.63″, making it an ideal centerpiece. Enjoy the beautiful, warm glow provided by the clear tempered glass fire gems on top, while having the convenient access door allows down below where you can conceal a standard 20lb propane tank in the base of the table. (Tip: You’ll likely need about three to four bags of glass to fill the pit.)

Table Fire Pit:

Covewood 72 Inch Rectangular Aluminum Propane Fire Pit Table

The Lakeview Outdoor Designs 72″ Propane Fire Table, with its sleek modern charcoal finish, embodies refined simplicity. Concealing a 20 lb propane tank within its base, this ingeniously designed fire table maintains a clean aesthetic, free from any visible hose or gas source. Featuring a powerful 65,000 BTU burner, it radiates warmth for cozy gatherings outdoors. Its battery-operated, push-button ignition ensures effortless start-up, while the burner lid allows seamless transformation into a functional outdoor coffee table when not in use. With a burn time ranging from 6.5 hours on high setting to an impressive 20 hours on low setting, this fire table offers both style and practicality for extended outdoor enjoyment.

Round Fire Bowl:

Grand Lake 38 Inch Round Concrete Natural Gas Fire Bowl

There is something very comforting about gathering around in a circle, and the shape of this fire bowl lends itself to those nostalgic memories, replicating the intimacy of a live campfire. Natural gas fire pits can crank up the BTUs if your gas line has enough oomph, which means you get more heat, faster. The Grand Lakes 38-Inch Fire Bowl, for example, has an output of 85,000. Since natural gas fire pits like this are usually a permanent fixture, they’re built to last through whatever Mother Nature throws at them. Unlike propane fire pits, they’re tough cookies that can handle the elements like a champ!


Lume Surround 42 Inch Smokeless Wood-Burning Fire Pit

Picture this: no more dodging smoke clouds or constantly shifting seats to escape the haze. Smokeless fire pits are designed to minimize or even eliminate smoke production, creating a cleaner and more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone gathered around. This means you can cozy up without worrying about your eyes stinging or your clothes smelling like a campfire. The Lume Surround is the minimalist’s answer to a cozy, wood-burning firepit. Its clean lines and uncluttered design not only complement any outdoor space but also offer a practical 9-inch shelf for those warm mugs on cooler nights.

Rustic Charm:

Bronson 51 Inch Square Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit

Did someone say DIY? Create your own gas fire pit effortlessly with the comprehensive Abbey Bay Block Round Gas Fire Pit Kit. Embracing a traditional brick paver style, it delivers the cozy ambiance of a backyard bonfire coupled with the contemporary ease of gas. Equipped with electronic piezo controls, this fire pit ignites with a simple push of a button and allows seamless adjustment of the flame height. What’s more, is the 106,000 BTU rated Crystal Fire stainless steel burner provides a beautiful, full flame. The kit has 84 pavers, a control panel, 2 vent blocks, a Crystal Fire Plus burner, and 72 lbs of tumbled lava rock, providing everything you need for a hassle-free installation.