FireDisc® Premium Portable Propane Cooker

FireDisc® Premium Portable Propane Cooker

A FireDisc® portable propane cooker is built to haul and cooks it all. Influenced by plow disc cookers from past generations, FireDisc® is an extremely well-built, high-performance cooking device designed for outdoorsmen. It gives you maximum portability and cooking versatility but with minimum effort. FireDisc® is easy to bring along (it takes down into three parts), fires up fast, cooks plenty of good food and cleans up quickly with just water.

Premium FireDisc® cookers are constructed of a heavy-duty polished carbon steel that is tempered for extreme ductility, hardness, yield strength and impact resistance. In other words, FireDisc® is bullet-proof and something you’ll hand down to the next generation.

Your FireDisc® is now available in team or corporate colors! So amp up your next tailgate, backyard BBQ or corporate event and cook up a range of savory restaurant quality meals on a FireDisc featuring your number one team or company color. Colors available to suit a wide range of college and pro teams as well as national corporations. When you serve up meals cooked on a team color grill – you can bet on a win!

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